Find Your Perfect E-Liquid Flavour

You Got... Classic Milkshake Flavours

You’re bubbly, sweet and chilled - just like a milkshake! Your personality is both fun-loving and relaxed, so you need an e-liquid which encapsulates this. There’s a reason why milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard – both refreshing and comforting, who wouldn’t want to enjoy that same sweet, creamy flavour in vapour form?

Whilst you enjoy socialising and trying new things, the more extravagant e-liquid flavours are too over-the-top for your chilled-out side. You want something more simple, but which still retains great flavour. The classic berry and citrus fruit flavoured e-juice may also appeal to you, although you might find them a little too standard.

Instead, why not give these classic milkshake flavours a try? Similar to the classic fruit flavours but creamier and more intriguing, these e-juices strike a perfect balance between the fun and the no-fuss!

Flavours You May Enjoy

Not Quite Right?

Although we're all Kelis superfans here, not everyone appreciates milkshakes as much as us. If you're looking for another flavour, don't you worry – we've got 'em. Alternatively, take a path less well trodden; retrace your steps and start again.