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23 May 2016
BBC Horizon’s “E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace?” – Truth or Treachery?

Last Sunday’s Horizon on BBC Two focused on e-cigarettes, so it's time to check out if this episode got its facts right amid the lies and stigma surrounding vaping.

29 April 2016
How to Beat Vaper's Tongue

"What is it, doc?" You ask, your voice trembling.

"It's worse than I thought" he replies, shaking his head sadly. "You have a case of...vaper's tongue!"

28 April 2016
Do Electronic Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

The health risks of e-cigarette are a controversial topic; there are no straight answers. Vaping has been around since 1960, but only taken off in the last decade. When it comes to health, the answers are difficult because people just don’t know them! E-cigs haven’t been around long enough to study the effects of long-term vaping.

28 April 2016
Is E-Liquid Vegan?

Vegan or not, we doubt anyone will find the idea of inhaling vapourised animal parts or products appealing (Lady Gaga took it far enough when she wore that meat dress). In a world seemingly built from animal products, whether they’re on people’s plates, feet or bodies, it would be fair to assume that vaping is yet another activity that isn’t suitable for vegans. 

But, fortunately, that assumption would be wrong! The majority of e-liquids are vegan – read on to learn more.

28 April 2016
Does E-Juice Contain Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a word which can inspire fear in the bravest of souls, on par with "card declined", "mother-in-law" and “tell the group three fun facts about yourself”. Shudder.

Whilst some may run a mile when they hear the F-word, others might not have a clue what it means. So, what the puff is formaldehyde? Is it harmful? And, most importantly, is it in my e-liquid? Keep reading, concerned vapers – like the tip of an e-cig, we’re here to pass you the glowing light of truth! (Well, what we know so far anyway).

28 April 2016
Does E-Liquid Contain Formaldehyde?

We all know that vaping isn't completely harmless. In an ideal world no-one would be breathing in anything other than fresh, clean air, but when the alternative is cigarettes, it shouldn't be much of a choice between vaping and smoking. I'm not a doctor (yes, I know you're shocked) but these guys are, and they seem to think that vaping is "much safer" than smoking.

28 April 2016
Is E-Liquid Vegetarian?

Many health questions are asked about e-liquids and understandably so. Most of the answers consist of the very helpful phrase we don’t know. Vaping is relatively new so when it comes to any long term effects, there just hasn’t been enough time. It’s not all in the grey though: when the issue of whether e-liquids are vegetarian or not comes up, there is a much simpler answer yes.

27 April 2016
Are E-Cigs Harmful?

Are e-cigs harmful? If you're smoking cigarettes and thinking of switching over to vaping, naturally the health implications are going to be high up on your list of priorities. Recent studies have apparently discovered that smoking is bad for you, so surely anything that could help you kick the habit is a good thing, right?

27 April 2016
Is Vaping Bad for Your Lungs?

As with any major new discovery or invention, vaping has caused quite a stir. Since it was introduced to the market in 2004, there have been multiple debates, discussions and essays surrounding the subject of how bad vaping is for your lungs and general health. All of this generally comes down to the same point: we don’t really know yet.

People once thought cigarettes were good for you, that the Titanic was unsinkable and that the world was flat. Whilst they too lacked long-term knowledge, they also didn’t have the facts which, to an extent, we do. So here they are – the facts which we do know.

27 April 2016
Is E-Liquid Poisonous?

If you're thinking about taking up vaping, or have already started, it's only natural that you'd try and be sure that vaping is as safe as possible (of course, inhaling anything but clean air is worse than not doing so). After all, what would be the point in switching from cigarettes to vaping if it turned out that it was just as bad, or even worse for you!?

E-liquid is not some strange and mysterious substance, though. It's a fairly simple one, and contains just a few relatively safe ingredients.

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