Epen v Epod 2: Choose Your Vuse

30 September 2022

Comparing the Vuse ePen and ePod 2

We get that choosing the right e-cigarette, pen or vape can be tricky. From click-and-go models to compact options that seamlessly fit into your pocket, there's a lot to choose from...

Vuse (formerly known as Vype) are the proud manufacturer of sleek and stylish vaping products that pack a punch whilst fitting into the palm of your hand. Including pens, pod systems and flavourful refill pods, their two flagship devices are available at an incredibly competitive price point. If you're unsure whether the Vuse ePen or the Vuse ePod 2 is the right option for you, take a look at the easy to follow guide we've put together below.

What Will This Guide Cover?

What's So Special About Vuse?

Vuse set themselves apart from the competition with their sleek and stylish design. Their devices look fantastic and their wide range of pods taste full and flavoursome. With all the refinement and body of a more expensive device, Vuse are committed to providing exceptional quality at an ever-affordable price point.

Vuse ePod 2 and ePen: What's the Difference?

To make this easy, we've listed the basics below. If you're after an in depth analysis of both devices, we've got you covered in the sections below.

  Vuse ePen Vuse ePod 2
Available Colours 6 4
Battery Power 650mAh 370mAh
Refill Lifespan 200 Puffs 275 Puffs
Size (LxW) 123 x 20mm 104 x 19mm
Weight (Without Refill) 30g 17g
Flavours Available 19 10
Wick Style Cotton Ceramic
Splash Proof?
Vape While You Charge?
Charger Type USB Magnetic
Closed System

Which Flavours Do Vuse Offer?

With a range of flavours available for each device, Vuse do not cut corners when it comes to flavour. Unlike other companies who offer a few flavours per device in a few meagre quantities, there's endless flavours available for both the ePen and the ePod 2.

We've listed some of our favourites below:

Our Favourite ePen Flavours Our Favourite ePod 2 Flavours
Vuse Pro ePod Very Berry Refill Pods (6mg)

Vuse Pro ePod Very Berry Refill Pods (6mg)

In stock now  In stock now
  • Refill pods for use with Vuse Pro and Vuse ePod devices
  • Very berry flavour offers a sweet and well-rounded taste
  • Features nicotine salts and a strength of 6mg
  • This double pack lasts up to a massive 1900 puffs

How Many Vuse Flavours Are Available?

What Colours Do Vuse Vape Devices Come In?

Vuse are all about designing and producing clean and refined vaping products that are available in colours you'd actually want. These include six different options for the ePen and four different options for the ePod 2.

Vuse ePod and ePen Colour Options

How Long Does a Vuse Battery Last?

All battery powered Vuse products are built to last. The ePen and ePod 2 are no different. Whether you're out and about and on-the-go or you want something discreet that suits your work routine and environment, Vuse have a device that suits you.

Vuse Battery Life

How Big Are the Vuse ePen and ePod 2?

Size matters, we get it. If you're after a large, more robust unit, the Vuse ePen is tailor made for you. On the other hand if you're looking for a more discreet device, we'd recommend the ePod 2, as it clocks it at little more than 10cm in length.

How Big Is the Vuse ePen and Vuse ePod 2

The Final Word

If you're in the market for something lightweight and portable, the ePod 2 is definitely the device of choice for you. Good to go up to 275 puffs per refill and weighing in at just 17g, it's perfect if  you're constantly on-the-go.

If you're after something with a lot more power that has more flavour refill options, the ePen is absolutely perfect thanks to its whopping 650mAh battery.

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