How Do E-Cigs Work?

Friday, 22 April 2016  |  Admin

Hard. Let us explain just how, we've got diagrams and everything.

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How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work - E-Cig PartsHow Do Electronic Cigarettes Work - Vapepens

1. The Battery:  

Let there be vapour, and there was vapour, all with the convenience of USB recharging. Your vape's battery is easy to recharge, easy to change and easy to max out to crazy degrees if you're up for a bit of cloud chasing. You e-cig will make things nice and simple if you chose a disposable sort, just throw it out when it's run its course and get yourself a new one!

2. Atomiser:

Things are heating up, and it's all thanks to your atomiser, it warms your e-juices and creates vapour. Were it not for this vital piece of kit you'd be having a far less enjoyable time of vaping.

3. Cartridge:

This is the part of an e-cigarette you can add and replace with all kinds of different flavour options. It sticks onto your 'cigalike' where a traditional filter would be, so you get great flavour every time.

4. Tank:

If you're more for the vape-pen then you're going to need a tank. This part of the device holds you e-juice and is handy and see-through to let you know when you're running low. Unlike cartridges which can just be unscrewed, thrown away and replaced,  tanks need to be manually refilled. You might thing that's more effort than it's worth, but think of all the awesome flavour combinations you can drip into your little tank and you'll realise that it is most definitely worth it.

5. Drip Tip/Mouthpiece/ Inhaler: 

Stick it in your mouth. Enjoy vaping deliciousness. Bliss.

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