Is Vaping Safe?

Friday, 15 April 2016  |  Admin

Welcome weary internet researcher, where have you come from, the sea of anti-vaping articles, or the valley of pro-e-cigarette blogs? Either way they’ve led you to Vape Mountain, and while we love a good cloud, we don’t keep our head stuck in them, so when you ask if vaping is safe, we do the sensible thing and just plain answer you! Let’s get started...

The Good

  • E-cigarettes cartridges and vaping liquids only share one ingredient with traditional cigarettes, nicotine: That’s only one of the 200+ toxins contained in your regular pack of tobacco cigarettes.  You can even chose the level of nicotine you want, from low to high or even zero percent, none of which takes away from the yummy flavours you can achieve with the perfectly blended vape fluid.
  • Carbon monoxide levels produced by an ecigarette are significantly lower than those produced by cigarettes: In fact they’re so low that the levels found in vapers have actually been found to be the same as in those who don’t smoke at all!
  • Vaping is tar-free: Yep, all those horrible images stop-smoking campaigns like to rely on can now scare you a little less, because e-cigs are totally tar-free, meaning your lungs will be far more grateful for a few puffs of a vape pen than a drag on a regular cigarette. 
  • Vaping smoke is completely harmless to others: One of the best things about e-cigarettes and vapourisers is that the smoke they produce is not only fabulously billowy  (anyone up for a bit of cloud chasing?) and deliciously scented, it’s also totally harmless to those around you, so feel free to fire up your e-cig while enjoying a family movie or hanging out with friends.
  • There is zero smoke inhalation with e-cigarettes: Which successfully rules out many of the harmful by-products of normal cigarettes, as nothing is burnt. Inhaling smoke in any form is never good for your health, and vaping doesn’t pose this risk at all, the “smoke” you see is simply vapour, a far healthier alternative.
  • Nicotine-free vaping is totally harmless: Although long-term studies haven’t been completed just yet, there has been no hard evidence to prove that nicotine-free vaping is any more harmful than breathing regular air.
  • Vaping saves lives: In one of the most straight-talking studies conducted on e-cigs, a group a 53 leading scientists warned the World Health Organisation that banning vaping would put people's lives at risk. They argued that by putting a stop to this far safer alternative to standard cigarettes, tobacco-related deaths would rise and the health-enhancing effects of vaping on once-were smokers would essentially be wasted.   

The Bad

  • You can still get addicted to e-cigarettes: If you pick nicotine-infused cartridges or fluids then you’re still able to get hooked. For most people vaping is a natural progression in their attempts to change from cigarettes, and it is the world’s leading tobacco alternative, but it takes as much will-power to resist puffing high amounts of nicotine vaping liquids as it does a regular cigarette.
  • Vaping Isn’t Risk-Free: Inhaling nicotine is harmful to your body however you do it, although vapourisers and e-cigs are definitely one of the better ways to control and even overcome your nicotine dependency. One popular argument is that vaping normalises nicotine use, but our wide range of zero-nicotine options can also prove that argument wrong! 
  • Some health professionals discourage PG vaping through the nose: A small issue easily solved (you’ve still got a mouth, right?) some studies found that propylene glycol (PG) , a chemical in vaping fluid can affect the sensitive skin of the nostrils when nasally exhaled. No need to worry though, there are just as many vaping liquids made with VG (Vegetable Glycerine) instead, a completely natural, sweet-tasting base that is suitable for human consumption and creates notably better ‘clouds’ for those who like the chase.
  • Vaping is not good for mice: Bad news for Mickey, animal testing has shown that e-cigarettes caused respiratory damage and even death in some test specimens. While fatal vaping is a fairly unlikely prospect for human users, e-cigs are still a relatively new market and their long-term effects are yet to be discovered.

The Ugly

  • E-cigarettes can sometimes explode in your face! As several unfortunate users have discovered, some incorrectly charged or powered vapourisers and e-cigarettes may end up going out with a bang. The good news is that this is only a risk if you settle for cheap, unapproved options when it comes to batteries or chargers, which is equally as applicable to laptops, mobiles, romantic dinner plans...

Vapesolutely Fabulous!

With hundreds of new studies being commissioned everyday it can be hard to know what the general opinion on vaping actually is. Being hugely popular  and the UK's favourite smoking alternative, it's fair to say that the good is outweighing the supposed risks for many happy vapers. Far healthier than tobacco and with the option of nicotine-free blends, no concrete evidence has shown that vaping is a danger to users, and many have proven that it is of entirely no danger to those around you.

So, when you're ready to give vaping a go, head over to our online store to pick your perfect blend!