1 Comment6 April 2017
How the Logic Pro E-Cigarette Works (and How to Refill Them)

To give you a professional-level vape with none of the mess or fuss, the Logic Pro e-cigarette features a simple and satisfying design. Using a three-part design, the Logic Pro makes it incredibly easy for you to get a top-shelf vape every time. Check out our guide on how the Logic Pro works and how to refill them.

3 April 2017
New TPD Legislation: What It Means for You

On 20th May 2016, the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD) came into force. Almost a year down the line, the effects of this legislation on the individual vaper and the industry as a whole are beginning to be felt.  While this might seem confusing, there’s no need to be alarmed – we’ve created this simple guide to the TPD legislation to keep you up to speed.

4 May 2016
Vaping vs. Smoking Infographic

Dilly-ding, dilly-dong – it's time for Vaping and Smoking to go head to head and fight for the hearts, minds and lungs of the general population. In one corner, a bitter old prizefighter clutching to the last remnants of his popularity; in the other, a young up-and-comer, ready to take on the world. Who's going to win? Read our infographic and find out!

28 April 2016
Facts About E-Cigarettes Infographic

Ever wanted to know the facts about E-Cigarettes? Well look no further! Our product experts have compiled the statistics and data and compressed it down into an easily digestible form, giving you all the information with none of the waffle!

25 April 2016
PG vs. VG Infographic

Ever wondered what the difference between PG and VG in e-liquid? Well wonder no more with our infographic, giving you point by point information on the differences and advantages of each. Whether you want an e-juice that can blow the biggest clouds or a vape that can get the same sort of "throat hit" as a cigarette, then read our guide and find out what you need!