What is Vaping?

Friday, 15 April 2016  |  Admin

Haven’t got the foggiest about vaping? Fear not – we’re here to bring you the basics. 

So you’ve arrived at Vape Mountain. Maybe you regularly vape, perhaps you’ve heard the word thrown around are interested in trying it for yourself... or maybe you haven’t got a single clue what any of this stuff means.

Whatever your level of knowledge, read on for a comprehensive guide to the misty movement that’s got millions on cloud nine. 

Hot Topic

There’s no denying that vaping has been a hot topic of conversation for a while now. The Oxford Dictionaries actually named “vape” as their 2014 Word of the Year, defining the verb as "to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device." 

Simply put, vaping describes the act of using a vapouriser. The user inhales vapour produced from e-liquid through a personal vapouriser, such as an electronic cigarette, in order to simulate the experience of smoking.

What’s the Point of Vaping?

Perhaps the biggest appeal of vaping, and why so many are choosing to vape instead of smoke, is that it is a tobacco-free version of the traditional cigarette. So, whilst it does contain varying levels of nicotine, vaping has a reduced likelihood of causing health concerns such as cancer. 

This makes vaping a popular alternative to regular cigarettes: it provides users with a similar sensation to smoking and a nicotine fix, but with considerably less chemicals and carcinogens.

A Brief History

Whilst vaping may seem relatively current, the electronic cigarette was actually first developed in the 1960s by Herbert A.Gilbert. Unfortunately, at a time when health warnings against cigarettes were less widespread than today, his idea never quite took off.

It was 2003 when Chinese pharmacist and inventor Hon Lik introduced what we recognise today as the electronic cigarette, inspired after he lost his father to cancer caused by smoking.

What’s Your Flavour?

Continuing to evolve, vaping has an exciting future ahead of it as technology develops. As of today, there are increasingly more and more flavours of e-liquid available on the market, from your standard tobacco, menthol and fruit flavours, to those as imaginative as peanut butter banana or fried ice cream!

E-liquids used in vapourisers generally consist of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG) or a mix of both. When these ingredients are combined with natural or artificial flavours, a whole world of exotic and unique flavours is opened.

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