Do E-Cigs Contain Nicotine?

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Do E-Cigs contain nicotine? Only if you want them to! Your vaping devices can be whatever you want them to be, they’re good like that.

Nicotine? Say When.

Fun fact: You can vape without any nicotine at all! Yep, e-cigs and e-liquids not only come in a perfectly fabulous range of flavours to satisfy every tongue, they also come in varying levels of nicotine, so whether you’re a pack-a-day smoker making the transition or a non-smoker wanting to give vaping a go, both zero nicotine and high nicotine options are available even within the same flavour.

Does E-Juice Contain Nicotine

0mg Nicotine!

People vape for different reasons (and Vape Mountain welcomes you all!) and e-liquids from all brands set their nicotine content at similar levels :

  • 24mg (Very High): This level is the maximum strength that vape liquids offer. Most suitable for heavy smokers who get through more than a pack a day, or those who favour particularly strong cigarettes. As the highest level available it’s perfectly possible for even regular smokers to find this level a bit too much!
  • 18mg (High):  Suitable for regular smokers who get through a pack a day. Most tobacco fans will find this a suitable level for their tastes, making it a well balanced addition to their smoking habits. For those who see vaping as the first step to ending nicotine addiction, this is a healthy starting point.
  • 16mg (High): Used by e-cigarette brands for high-level cartridges.
  • 12mg (Medium): Good for lighter smokers who smoke less than a pack a day or prefer lighter cigarettes.
  • 11mg (Medium): Used by e-cigarette brands for medium-level catridges.
  • 6mg (Low): Perfect for occasional or very light smokers, favoured by ex-smokers who have levelled down from 18mg+ but still like a low-level nicotine hit. Low-level e-cig cartridges also come in this strength.
  • 0mg (Nada!): Non-smokers and ex-smokers who have successfully kicked the nicotine habit can still enjoy vaping with nicotine-less blends!

Fans of 24mg concoctions, be aware: new laws are set to come into effect in 2016 which will see the maximum level of e-cigs and juices lowered to 20mg.

What Type of Vaper are You?

These set levels of nicotine help keep every type of vaper catered for depending on their personal goals. So knowing what type of vaper you are and what it is you are hoping to achieve on your vaping journey is key to picking your perfect level:

  • Smokers who do not plan on giving up but who want to add vaping to their smoking routine are best to stick with 18 – 24mg depending on their current cigarette strength. Low level nicotine liquid is likely to leave you disappointed.
  • New ex-Smokers or those newly trying to come off tobacco and vape instead are recommended to start with 18mg, going too low too soon can encourage stronger cravings for a cigarette and undo all your good work.
  • Current ex-smokers and those who have successfully made the change to vaping can enjoy 12mg or 6mg juices, with 6mg being the best choice for keeping nicotine levels as low as possible while still satisfying cravings.
  • Hookah/ Shisha users who enjoy flavour and a low nicotine hit should be satisfied with a low 6mg level or even 0mg, pre-loaded Shisha Sticks come without nicotine.
  • Non-smokers who want to try out vaping are highly advised to stick to what they know – that is, a life without nicotine dependency. Zero nicotine is the way to go!

On The Level

Vapers absorb nicotine in a different way to smokers due to the variation in how vapour and smoke is inhaled, so don’t be surprised if your ideal vaping level is different from what you expected. Nicotine overdose can lead to headaches, nausea and insomnia so best to make sure you get it right!

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