OK Vape E-Cigarette K1 Replacement Battery with Refill Cartridges

  • Replacement battery and pack of cartridges
  • For the OK Vape Rechargeable E-Cigarette
  • Available with tobacco or menthol cartridges
  • Purchase one, two, or three batteries
  • FREE OK Vape Starter Kit Offer: Enter switch2ok at checkout
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Brand:  OK Vape
Product Colour:  White

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OK Vape E-Cigarette K1 Replacement Battery with Refill Cartridges

The OK Vape E-Cigarette K1 Replacement Battery with Refill Cartridges combines a replacement rechargeable battery for the OK Vape E-Cigarette with a pack of cartridges in either a Menthol or Tobacco flavour. The K1 battery is the same model that is provided with the starter kit, and you can also purchase the K2 battery, which is longer and features a greater lifespan.

What's Included?

You can purchase either one, two, or three batteries, allowing you to stock up on the amount you need with ease. One pack of refill cartridges will be provided with every purchase, and you can select your required flavour and strength from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Why Is a Pack of Cartridges Provided?

Due to new legislation regarding the shipping of batteries, certain types of batteries must not be sent on their own. Thankfully, up to three batteries can be sent with a pack of cartridges, so you can still stock up on your OK Vape batteries.

How Long Does the K1 Battery Take to Charge and How Often Will I Need to Charge It?

The K1 Battery will usually take between one hour and an hour and a half to charge, although this is an average, and you can expect that it would take a little longer the older the battery is. Secondly, the battery will probably need recharging after an average of 300 puffs per charge. Although again, this is an average, and if you take deeper and longer puffs, then the battery will need recharging at a faster rate.

How Long Will the Battery Last Before it Needs Replacing?

The battery should be effective for between eight and twelve months depending on how frequently you vape. After this point it will start to become less effective and should be replaced.

Do I Need More Than One Battery?

Because the OK Vape E-Cigarette is a compact "cigalike" style vape, it has a shorter battery life than some other e-cigarettes, and should last for around two hours of use. For this reason it can be worth carrying spare batteries if you intend to vape heavily, but for most users the one should be just fine.

How Do I Change the Battery?

Changing the battery over is as easy as changing e-liquid cartridge. Simply:

  1. Unscrew the old battery from your current cartridge
  2. Ensure your replacement battery has been fully charged
  3. Screw the new battery into your existing cartridge

Charging the E-Cigarette Battery

The OK K1 battery will flash when it needs recharging. Simply screw the battery into the USB adaptor (sold separately) and plug it into a USB outlet with an output of up to 5V. During charging, the battery light should turn orange.

When the light on the battery has turned off, this means it is charged and ready for use. Unscrew the battery from the charger and it will flash three times to indicate that it is fully charged. Charging should take between two and three hours.

How Do I Use an OK Vape E-Cigarette?

Once you have screwed your chosen refill into the battery and made sure it is charged, simply place the refill end in your mouth and gently inhale. The OK Electronic Cigarette does not require the use of a button for operation.

Please note that some pops and cracks as the battery warms up are completely normal.

Who Can Use the OK Vape Electronic Cigarette?

With its "cigalike" appearance and no-fuss use, the OK Vape Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette is perfect for people looking to transition from smoking to vaping or people looking to vape alongside smoking. The discreet designed looks and feels like a cigarette compared to certain other vaping devices, and this can ease existing smokers into using the device.

What is a "Cigalike" E-Cigarette?

Cigalikes are vapes designed to replicate the look and feel of a conventional cigarette. They generally feature a minimalist design reminiscent of a cigarette and familiar cigarette flavours like tobacco and menthol. Because of these features, they are often favoured by smokers looking for an alternative to cigarettes.

Which E-Liquid Refills are Available?

The following refill flavours and nicotine strengths are available:

What Size Is the Battery?

On its own the K1 is 6.8cm long and 1cm wide. When attached to a cartridge the e-cigarette totals 10.4cm width x 1cm depth, about the same as a conventional cigarette.

Technical Specifications

  • Charging Power: 180mAh
  • Charging Cycles: Around 300
  • Orange Tip Colour: Orange
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