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You Got... Nostalgic Breakfast Flavours!

You often think back to simpler times - sitting in your pyjamas on a Saturday morning, watching cartoons with a bowl of your favourite cereal – before the stresses of adult life had descended on your shoulders. You’re likely outgoing, bubbly and maybe at times a little immature, and so need an e-liquid which encapsulates this fun side to your personality!

Breakfast inspired flavours can satisfy your inner child whilst retaining a sweet creaminess that any adult can enjoy. From marmalade on toast flavour, to cereals with notes of milk, fruit, honey and caramel, these e-juices strike a balance between kooky and complex – just like you!

Naturally these make great morning vapes, but can be enjoyed any time of day for a nostalgic, sweet fix.

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Not Quite Right?

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