Find Your Perfect E-Liquid Flavour

You Got... Sweet and Creamy Dessert Flavours!

Your daring taste seeks flavours with more depth than the classic tobacco, menthol and fruit e-liquids, yet you wish to retain a degree of sophistication to your vaping experience.

When you vape, plumes of smooth cloud curl through the air like whipped cream as you exhale. Smooth-tasting e-juice flavours like chocolate or caramel mirror this creaminess - from crème brûlée to vanilla almond, these flavours are as buttery and indulgent as melted chocolate or soft leather.

Sweet and creamy e-liquids make wonderful after dinner vapes but can be enjoyed all-day, perfect for the mature, suave vaper who enjoys a sweet treat. And did we mention that they have next to no calories?!

Flavours You Might Enjoy

Not Quite Right?

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