Find Your Perfect E-Liquid Flavour

You Got... Duller Than Dishwater

There's a reason that your friends never pick up when you ring and that whenever you're telling a story at work, the eyes of your coworkers glaze over – you're dull. You like steak and kidney pie; your favourite celebrity is Phillip Schofield; the perfect Saturday night for you is staying in and watching Antiques Roadshow followed by a More4 Time Team marathon; your favourite colour is beige; your favourite football team is Aston Villa; your favourite music is smooth jazz; you live in the countryside; you've been fishing. Any one of these symptoms might point to an incurable and chronic dullness – the only upside is that it's not fatal.

There's only one flavour available at Vape Mountain to suit your unadventurous palate: flavourless. Perfectly suited for cold nights trainspotting in the Cotswolds or after having a bread sandwich. We hope you enjoy it.

That is Calumny I Say!

Well... you're the person that described yourself as being "no fuss" and picking your favourite drink as "water"... but if you feel that this judgement is unfair to you, we've got more flavours than you can shake a stick at to choose from. Why not have another go and fight your natural proclivities towards blandness this time?