Find Your Perfect E-Liquid Flavour

You Probably Shouldn't Vape

If you’re not a smoker or haven’t recently quit, or if you’ve never vaped before, we don’t recommend that you start vaping. Sure, the range of e-liquid flavours may appeal to you, but the fact remains that vaping can become a habit – if you haven’t got a nicotine addiction then why pick one up now?

If it is the flavours that struck your fancy, then go out and get the real thing! As much as a vanilla cupcake and frosting flavoured e-juice sounds delicious, it’s never going to beat the authentic, real-life taste! Don't Start Vaping

Many people choose to vape when attempting to cut down or wean themselves off nicotine, but if you’re doing it for the flavour alone it’s not always wise. Having said that, there are nicotine-free options of e-juice available, so if you’re determined to give it a try then always go nicotine-free!

Buying as a Gift?

While we would never encourage a non-vaper to take up using an e-cig, there's nothing wrong with treating your loved ones that do vape to a delicious treat. If you're searching for someone else, why not return to the start and try again?