Base Camp: Where to Start with Vaping?

Step Two: Vape Pens

So you've tried a Cigalike and you've decided that, while you enjoy vaping, you think that you could be getting so much more out of your experience. Where do you turn to? What do you do? Well, the most common answer is choosing a Vape Pen. You've probably seen lots of people using Vape Pens on the street – they're the slightly bulkier devices, ones that are often producing more vapour than the humble Cigalike. Your interest piqued, you wonder: "Is a vape pen right for me?" Well, we're here to help make that clear!


  • Several Flavours Galore – Welcome to flavour country! When you switch from a cigalike to a vaporiser, you'll find a world of flavours opening up to you. At Vape Mountain, we offer e-juice that's flavoured like everything from Dandelion and Burdock to Bourbon and anything inbetween. When we say we've got more flavours than you could ever get bored of, we're not lying.
  • Better Batteries – Typically, the battery life of a Vape-Pen is longer than that of a Cigalike e-cig. This means that you can keep puffing away for longer without always having to worry about when and where you can get your next charging fix.
  • Make it Your Own – There's only so much that you can do with a cigalike – a couple of flavours, maybe a differently coloured battery tip – but with Vape Pens you are the master of your own destiny. Want to tinker with the flavours like a mad professor until you find "the one"? Well there's nothing to stop you – many vapers like to "Steep" their e-liquid to enhance its flavour.
  • Survive and Thrive – If something goes wrong with an e-cigarette, a lot of the time there is nothing that you can do about it. Much like an Apple computer, they aren't designed to have people opening them up and adapting them, which is fine when everything is going well. When the going gets tough, a Vape Pen allows you to replace almost every component, meaning that your device can be kept in its optimal working condition without you having to shell out for a full replacement.
  • Saves You Money Over Time – The Rolling Stones once sang "Time is on my side" and this sentiment is also true for the humble vape pen. Though purchasing a vaporiser may seem like a lot of money at the time, they are actually more cost effective than seemingly inexpensive cigalikes in the long run (though both are far cheaper than using traditional cigarettes).
  • Cloud Chasing – While "Cloud Chasing" may sound like a particularly dull hobby favoured by people for whom trainspotting is too nail-biting, it's actually an up-and-coming subsect of people that like to vape. Cloud chasing is so popular that there are actual competitions dedicated to the pursuit, but what does it mean? Cloud Chasers are dedicated to vaping the biggest clouds possible – this can be done with modified equipment but it can also be done by altering the VG/PG of your E-Juice. Don't know anything about VG/PG...
  • VG/PG, Easy-Peasy – Put simply, VG/PG refers to the mix of bases that is used to create your e-liquid (if you want to know more, we've got a whole selection of relevant blogs). There are a number of VG/PG Mixes available and the difference between these mixes can be felt in the vaping of them. Liquids with a high VG content produce more clouds and are generally sweeter; liquids that have a higher PG content usually have a stronger "throat hit", making their use closer to smoking. With Cigalike Refills, the e-liquid is typically of a standard VG/PG mix and this means if you're looking for something a little different or are irritated (a potential side effect of higher PG mixes), there's nothing you can do.


  • Keeping Clean – One potential pitfall of using a Vape Pen is that residue can accrue within your device and affect performance. It is important to regularly clean your vape pen, especially if you are using high VG E-liquid. For some people, this regular maintenance might seem like a hassle and not maintaining your vape pen can affect the longevity of other areas of your device.
  • Refilling Pains – With a Cigalike, refilling couldn't be simpler – you simply change the cartridge. With a Vape Pen, it's not so straightforward. If you don't know what you're doing, refilling a Vape Pen can be messy and spilled liquid can cause irritation if it comes into direct contact with your skin. Worried? Learn how to properly refill your vaporiser with our guide.
  • Safety Concerns – While the amount of nicotine that is consumed during vaping is not close to being a dangerous dose, if E-juice is drunk it can pose a serious health risk. A child, having smelled something that smells like sweets or fruit, would be naturally intrigued to taste this fluid and even a small amount consumed could lead to serious illness or death. Fortunately, most e-liquids are now supplied with child-proof caps, helping to prevent this sort of tragic accident, but it must be stressed that it is incredibly important to keep e-liquid as far away from children as possible.
  • Bulky Blues – While they're not to everyone's taste, there's no denying the practicality of the humble cigalike – it fits in your pocket and all you have to do is whip it out when you want a puff. Though the benefits of Vape Pens has a lot to do with their size (increased capacity, longer battery life et cetera), many people can find them a hindrance when out and about. On top of this, Vape Pens may feel less comfortable to use for ex-smokers than Cigalikes do.
  • Looking Like a Dweeb – As much as it shouldn't matter, one of the primary concerns of smokers is how they are perceived. For some people, the bulky, space-y design of Vape Pens is a real turn-off when compared to the sleeker and smaller Cigalikes.
  • Being in the Know – One of the worries that can put people off using a Vape Pen is the fact that they require more know-how than traditional cigarettes. With a cigarette, all you need to know is which end to light; with a vape pen, there's atomisers and wicks and clearomisers and it can all get a little bit confusing. Luckily, here at Vape Mountain we've got a fantastic range of blogs encompassing everything that you might want to know about e-cigarettes!


Vape pens have better battery, capacity and give you access to a wide variety of flavours but they can be a little complicated and are bulkier/less sleek than Cigalikes.

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