How to Refill a Vaporiser with E-Liquid

Friday, 24 June 2016

If you've just gotten into vaping, it can seem as though there is so much to learn. What does VG/PG mean? Which is the right strength for you? What the hell does sub-ohm mean? Making your way though the jungle of jargon can be a nightmare – luckily, Vape Mountain pokes above the canopy to give you the straight facts. First thing is first – how do you even refill an e-cigarette?

Know Your Vaporiser

Unfortunately, just as there are a wide variety of different vaporisers there are many different ways to refill them. Some fill from the top, some fill from the bottom but in essence the process is the same. For the purpose of our guide, we are using a bottom filling vape and some unidentified mystery liquid:

Vaporiser and E-Liquid
Our vaporiser and mystery e-liquid

As you can see, we've plucked for a simple, everyday Vape Pen for our demonstration. After all, if you're already using some elaborate Vape Mod, the chances are that you know how to fill it! The Vape Pen is where most people start with vaping so it's going to be the place where we start too.

Step One: Dismantle Your Vape

Dismantling a vaporiser

Unscrewing the battery from the tank

Most vaporisers are comprised of two or three different components. The e-cig that we are using has three different parts: the clearomiser and mouthpiece, the battery, and the atomiser. It is necessary to separate these three parts in order to refill the vaporiser and this can be done by simply unscrewing the parts from one another.

Removing the atomiser from the clearomiser

Unscrewing the atomiser from the clearomiser

It might go without saying but always be careful when you are taking your vape pen apart – e-liquid is an irritant to skin and it is imperative to avoid contact with liquid whenever possible. Once you have (carefully) taken apart your device, you should be left with something like below and this means that you are ready to move on to the next step of vaping!

The dismantled vaporiser

Our fully dismantled vaporiser

Step Two: Extracting Your Liquid

Unscrewing an E-liquid bottle

Push down and twist

The vast majority of e-liquid bottles are designed with child-proof caps – unfortunately, this has the accidental side-effect of making them resistant to quite a few adults too! The bottles are designed to open like medicine bottles; push the lid down and then turn and you should feel the bottle starting to open.

Full pipette of e-liquid

Once the lid has been unscrewed, you will find a dropper attached to the bottom that is used to refill your tank. Simply squeeze the rubber top of the dropper until the pipette is full of e-liquid.

Step Three: Refilling the Clearomiser

Filling the tank

Once you have got a full dropper of e-liquid, you can begin to fill your clearomiser or tank. We're using a bottom fill tank, but the process is pretty much identical with a top filling tank as well. Using the dropper, carefully drip the e-juice down the side of your vaporiser. It is important to avoid the mouthpiece hole, as this will simply lead to wasted e-liquid (and that's a real heartbreaker).

Step Four: Putting it All Back Together

After your tank is full to capacity, you can reassemble your device by reversing the dismantling process. Be careful to make sure that all of your components are properly tightened as not doing this can mean leakage of your precious e-juice.

A refilled e-cigarette

Screwing in the full clearomiser to the battery

Step Five: Vape!

Once your e-liquid is in and your vaporiser is fully reassembled, you're ready to go! It doesn't matter what flavour you're using, your vaporiser is ready to go – simply press the button and take a drag.

Full Vaporiser and E-liquid

A full vaporiser, in all its glory

Ready to Try for Yourself?

Are you feeling the temptation to vape yourself? Well now you know how to use the equipment there's nothing to stop you trying! In addition, here at Vape Mountain we have a wide selection of e-liquid (including more flavours than you could shake a stick at) so you can get started right away.