Base Camp: Where to Start with Vaping?

Step Three: Vape Mods

Examples of Vape ModsAre you still with us? If you've gotten your head around Cigalikes and Vape Pens it's time to make the final ascent to the peak of vaping – the modified vaporiser. Favoured by those people that are truly serious about vaping, the Vape Mod is the crème de la crème of the vaping world, providing you with the greatest level of control over how you vape. Whether you are interested in chasing clouds, showing off a little creativity or really getting the most from your vaporiser, a mod is the choice for you.

If you're just starting off with vaping, we would definitely advise that you choose either a Cigalike or (if you're feeling adventurous) a Vape Pen. If you've tried these and really want to take your vaping to the next level, then a Mod might just be the right choice for you.

What is a Mod?

Before we begin, it's definitely worth getting this straight – what even is a vape mod? Well, it's not a question that has one answer – a vape mod can look much like a vape pen, but be more powerful, or it could be a "box mod" (essentially the same, but in a bulkier box), or it could even be something completely off the wall, say a Steampunk inspired number or even an refurbished old clarinet! If you've modified your vaporiser in any way to make it more powerful or to increase the battery life, then you've got a Vape Mod.


  • All of the Above – Pretty much all of the advantages that come along with a Vape Pen (increased battery, increased choice of flavours, increased amount of vape et cetera) also apply to Vape Mods. In fact – excitingly enough – in the cases of Vape Mods, these benefits are multiplied! A Vape Mod can have a battery that completely trounces a Cigalike e-cigarette and can reach levels of power that are unmatchable by off-the-shelf Vape Pens. The flip-side of this is that Vape Mods are also prone to the same disadvantages as Vape Pens – if you don't like complexity and intricate tinkering, you're in the wrong place!
  • Get Your (Control) Freak On – If you're the sort of person that really likes to micro-manage everything that you do – whether it is planning your meals down to the last calorie or building your own computer so that you can control every single chip – the Vape Mod might be the choice for your needs. With Vape Pens and Cigalikes, it is the type of situation where you get what you're given and that's perfectly fine for some people but for others – the planners and the dreamers and the detail orientated of the world – it can be restrictive and frustrating. Pretty much everything from the mouthpiece to the battery to the coils in your vaporiser can be changed to ensure that you're making the most from your device.
  • Sublime, Sub-Ohm – You might have heard the term whispered here and there on the internet... sub-ohm... but it's not always 100% clear just what sub-ohm vaping is. Sub-ohm vaping simply means that the resistance coil being used has a resistance of less than 1 ohm; in practical terms, this means that your coils heat with more power. More power means more vapour – sub-ohm vaping creates far more vapour than using traditional equipment and this higher density of vapour means bigger cloud and sharper flavours.
  • Fitting In – For some people, vaping is more than just a hobby – it's part of a lifestyle. While all of the basic people might be content to have some run-of-the-mill Vape Pen, for the true connoisseur a Mod is a must-have accessory. Whether it is to ensure that you're getting the fullest flavours or to make the biggest clouds, most serious vapers choose vaping mods.
  • Standing Out – Have you ever bought something from the high street and been dismayed to discover the next day that five of your friends have the exact same garms? Well the same thing rings true with vaporisers – if you really want to turn heads, you've got to go for the spectacular.
  • Welcome to the Community – Neophytes may be surprised to discover that vaping has such an active community. There are many different vaping forums where people get together to discuss the latest models, how to make the most of your machine or just to generally shoot the breeze (vape). Having a Vape Mod allows you to get the most out of this community and can even be a way to create new friends.


  • Umm... – Having read all of the above points, you'd be entirely justified to be a little confused. Trying to get into Vape Mods without any experience is like deciding to take up cycling by entering the the Tour de France or take up swimming by crossing the channel – it's all going to end in tears! For people that are serious about swapping their reliable old Vape Pen for a jazzier model, it is important to really do the research into what parts are required. It's also good to know exactly why you want a Vape Mod – for clouds, for battery life, for something a little prettier? – so that you can make sure that you're barking up the right tree.
  • Soul Sapping Vaping – one of the reasons that people choose Vape Pens and Mods over Cigalikes is that they have greater battery and juice capacity, meaning you have fewer worries. However, for some Vape Mods this simply isn't true – sub-ohm vapes sap both battery power and e-liquid at a greater rate than normal Vape Pens. While this might please your tongue and impress your friends, it's not going to have the most positive effect on your bank balance. Speaking of which...
  • Vaping a Hole in Your Pocket – Everything's going great: you've stopped smoking, started vaping and now you're finding yourself with more cash than you ever had. But then you discover Vape Mods and all of a sudden, you're up until four o'clock in the morning reading reviews of coils and importing specialist parts that they only make in South Korea. It's the same with any hobby – once you become serious, the amount of money that you're willing to spend increases. Just beware – if you start using a Vape Mod, you might find it difficult to stop!
  • Crossing Battlelines – You might not know it, but there's a war going on in the vaping world; a war between those who love cloud chasing and those who think that it gives all vapers a bad name. Like it or not, using a vaping mod that creates lots of vapour is going to draw a few funny looks and maybe even the odd snide comment from people outside the vaping community. The best thing that you can do is try to be conscientious about where and when to vape – just because it's not hurting anyone doesn't mean you have the right to do it wherever you like.
  • Fiddling While Ohm Burns – If you don't know what it is that you're doing when getting a Vape Mod, you might end up getting burnt. While this burn is figurative, a literal burn is the one that can occur within your vaporiser if you aren't careful with your tinkering. It is not unheard of for batteries to explode after being overworked or for internal parts of your Vape Mod to be damaged after inadvisable adjustments. We can't stress enough the importance of knowing what you're doing when it comes to adjusting your device.


Vape Mods are more powerful than Vape Pens and are the serious vapers' choice of device. They can however be expensive to assemble and use and modifying your vape requires specialist knowledge.

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