Base Camp: Where to Start with Vaping?

The Summit: Vaping Enlightenment

Are you still with us, weary traveller? Take a look around you – you've made it, you've reached The Summit. Throughout your journey you've learnt a lot about e-cigarettes and hopefully now, you feel that you're equipped to make a decision, plant your flag and choose your vaporiser. We've done all that we can to help you make the right decision but the truth is that there is no one right decision but many. Vaping is about finding out what works for you, whether that is a gargantuan Vaping Mod with an output that rivals Krakatoa or a cheeky little cigalike that fits into your shirt pocket.

Where to Go from Here?

We might have led you to the summit of Vape Mountain, but hopefully your journey with us is far from over. Vape Mountain is dedicated to bringing you the best products and information to ensure that you can really make the most of your vaporiser, whatever form it may take. Vape Mountain provides you with quick delivery, unbeatable prices and a customer support team that is second to none ready to answer your questions. The only question that's left unanswered now is "What are you waiting for?"

Thirst for Knowledge

If you wish to learn even more about vaping, don't worry, we've got you covered. Head on over to The Cloud, our resource centre that provides you with everything that you need to know about vaping (even the things that you were afraid to ask!) If you've got a question that hasn't already been answered in our blogs, then you can always call our customer care team on 020 7501 1108. Our product experts know all of the ins and outs of vaping and can give comprehensive advice that is tailored to your specific needs.

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