Base Camp: Where to Start with Vaping?

Step Four: Choosing Your Device

You (hopefully) know a little more about the types of vaporisers that are available but you might still be asking: well, which one do I choose? It's a tough question to answer as each of the devices has its benefits and its drawbacks. In the end, choosing your device boils down to your own personal preference – some people want a vaporiser that's as close to a cigarette as possible, others want to distance themselves from the world of cigarettes.

To help you make your choice, we've listed a few types of people that are likely to use each device. These aren't concrete distinctions and there's nothing to stop you from trying whatever you want or even from mixing and matching, for example having a Vape Pen for the home but a Cigalike for when you're out and about!


  • Ideal for ex-smokers/current smokers that are looking to transition to vaping
  • Great for people that are on the fence about vaping – the low initial cost makes them inexpensive to try out
  • Simple design makes cigalikes a great choice for everyone, regardless of your familiarity with technology
  • Ideal for people that don't want to worry about their vaporiser and want a simple alternative to tobacco
  • Designed as the perfect like-for-like replacement to a cigarette (apart from being far healthier)

Vape Pens

  • For people looking for sweeter flavours or a greater range of choice
  • After initial cost, Vape Pens are typically cheaper than Mods, Cigalikes and Tobacco
  • Greater battery life and capacity than Cigalikes – ideal for people worried about charging
  • Suitable for newcomers, though not as intuitive as Cigalikes
  • A popular choice with long term vapers who are not interested in the effort of customisation
  • A great halfway point between advanced Vape Mods and Cigalike Starter Kits

Vape Mods

  • Designed for the advanced/experienced vaper
  • Requires some technical knowledge regarding the composition of your device
  • Provides a stronger hit – great for ex-heavy smokers
  • Ideal for people that like to micromanage their hobbies
  • Number one choice of cloud chasers
  • The best option for people looking to get into the vaping community

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