What Does Vaping Mean?

Thursday, 21 April 2016  |  Admin

Dancing is to dance, eating is to eat and vaping, you guessed it, is to vape!

Simply put, vaping is the act of using a vape – a vapourising device in which the user inhales flavoured heated liquid vapour, often to simulate the effects of smoking. Confusingly, the word vape can actually be used as both a verb and a noun: to vape is the act of vaping, but people will often describe the vapourising device itself as a vape. Same as with the word vacuum!

Anyway, enough with the English lesson – what does it actually mean to vape? 

Is Vaping Smoking?

In a lot of ways, vaping resembles smoking. The device, particularly e-cigs, is usually long and thin like a cigarette. The user brings it to their mouth and lightly inhales, exhaling a smoky-looking cloud and, often, getting a nicotine fix. But is vaping actually smoking? The answer is simple: NO!

Whilst it may resemble smoking to an extent, what goes into your body when you vape is totally different. For one, it’s not smoke at all which is being inhaled – it’s harmless vapour. Secondly there’s no tobacco used in vapes, which means no toxic tar is produced. Similarly, nothing is burnt during the process of vaping, but rather the liquid is simply heated. This means no combustion, no smoke and therefore none of the same lung cancer, lung disease and breathing problem risks. (Read more about how safe vaping is.)

So What Does Vaping Liquid Contain?

The e-liquids or e-juices vapourised in your device contain varying doses of nicotine, although they are available with no nicotine whatsoever. Whilst nicotine is addictive, it’s not actually proven to be harmful when taken at small dosages. Smokers often choose to switch to vaping as it allows them to control their nicotine intake, something which can’t be done with analogue cigarettes. They may then decide to gradually lower their dose and wean themselves off.

In addition, e-liquids contain non-toxic propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), as well as flavouring. And that’s it! Not bad compared with the thousands of chemicals contained in a single cigarette.

How Does it Work?

Vaping is simple – whether your chosen device is an e-cig, vape pen or mod, it works much the same. All three devices use refillable liquid which is heated by the device, vaporised and inhaled by you.

E-cigs receive their liquid from changeable cartridges, whereas pens and mods have tanks which you refill yourself with e-juice. Whilst this has potential to be a little messier, there are a wider choice of flavours available for use with a pen or mod, as well as other benefits

The Vaping Community and Culture

Whilst initially the electronic cigarette was intended to help smokers cut down – the modern e-cig was developed by Hon Lik in response to his father’s death from lung cancer - today's vaping has developed far beyond this. Moving away from the realm of nicotine patches and gum, vaping is now, for many, more like a hobby – or even a sport. 

Cloud-chasers are vapers who enjoy blowing large plumes of vapour and customising their vapes to enhance the experience. There are even cloud-chasing competitions entered by ‘professional vapers’, such as the International Cloud Championships in California and the World Series of Vape in Las Vegas. Hon Lik himself said that cloud-chasing is to vaping what Formula One racing is to car manufacture! 

So, what does vaping mean? Sure, for some it’s just a substitute for smoking, or a fun thing to try once in a while. But there really is a whole community out there, filled with flavours and scope for experimentation, that’s just waiting to be unlocked! Get started by browsing our online store today.