Side Effects of Vaping

Friday, 22 April 2016  |  Admin

Alas, dear hearts (and lungs), for we may love to vape, but not all is well in paradise...But not for long, don’t worry.

The Honeymoon Period

Is actually not as blissful and/or magical as you might have hoped - don’t get us wrong, vaping can be as magical as you want (tried pulling The Dragon yet?) but as with trying anything new, take your time, go slow, and don’t put anything in your mouth you don’t want to.

Your friend might be telling you that you’re missing out because their big, black mod is the best, but baby steps, it’s not the size, it’s how you use it and the first thing you might dislike about your vape is that it is trying to choke you to death. You’re not alone in spluttering, coughing and generally not cutting a sophisticated figure at first vape, even the heaviest of smokers report to have taken several attempts to finally make the transition. So don’t go buying a cloud chaser’s weaponised mod when even the smallest vapour trails are making you choke. This is mostly due to the way you vape compared to how you would usually smoke, a quick inhale and exhale is fine for getting your tobacco down you, but as vapour is generally fuller and thicker than tobacco smoke, you’ll need to treat it with a bit more respect and appreciation.  Take your time, inhale your vapour slowly, hold it in your mouth, slowly inhale, then slowly exhale, see? Wasn’t that lovely?

I Try To Say Goodbye and I Choke...

“I can’t believe I wasted my money on this thing! Where are my cigarettes?” – Mr. Unhappy Customer

This too is not uncommon because Mr. Unhappy Customer has made the mistake many ex-smokers make. Assuming vaping is his salvation from tobacco, Mr. Unhappy has chosen a nicotine level that reflects his aspirations of saying goodbye to it forever, and as much as we applaud his ambition, this is not a good idea.

Every goal needs a starting point.

You’re a smoker, you’re used to getting a certain level of nicotine a day, so suddenly dropping your 24mg nicotine habit to 6mg because it seemed like the healthy choice is a sure fire way of making you glare at your vape stick, declare “It doesn’t even do anything!” and return to cigarettes. You want to get the equivalent in nicotine in an e-juice as you do in your cigarettes and then slowly, slowly work your way down. Remember - Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s taking a whole lot longer to fall apart!

Dry Your Eyes

Vaping, like smoking is drying, while vaping won’t dry your skin and hair out beyond redemption as tobacco once did, you still might find it uncomfortable when you first start out. All of the following might affect you, not as harrowing as “impending doom” warnings cigarette packs correctly throw at you, but worth bearing in mind, you should also remember that they are all temporary and just part of the learning curve:

  • Dry skin: Especially on the face, and especially true if you’re just moved on from cigarettes and your body is going through a re-birth of sorts.
  • Dry mouth: Inhaling smoke or inhaling vapour, both of them dry out your mouth. PG e-juices are bigger culprits of this than VG types so sticking to higher VG ratio can help avoid a desert mouth.
  • Vaper’s Tongue: Like a dry mouth but worse because your tongue doesn’t want to taste that amazing new e-juice blend you bought! Not to worry, it’s not permanent, and there are plenty home remedies you can try.
  • Allergic reaction: This has been reported with PG and is not exclusive to e-juices (PG also being found in cosmetics and medicines) but not to worry high level VG and 100% organic VG juices mean you can continue to enjoy vaping.
  • Dizziness/Insomnia/Nausea: Can all point to nicotine withdrawal or nicotine overdose, in either case it means your level isn’t right for you, try a new blend with a different nicotine content until you hit your golden ratio.

Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and getting used to vaping might be a bit of a challenge at first, more of a challenge is dealing with the health issues caused by tobacco, but we’re sure you already know that.

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