What is Vaperís Tongue?

Thursday, 21 April 2016  |  Admin

We’ve got vaper’s tongue...in a jar on our desk. We’re kidding (or are we?), but you should still be afraid of this blight on all vapers!

Oh Nose!

Vapour’s Tongue refers to the unhappy situation of having your nose and tongue not picking up flavours in your e-juices as they once did. You simply wake up one day, fire up your vape pen and... where did the flavour go? Nobody really knows why this happens, though smokers who are trying to give up tobacco might have to deal with it several times as their tongue re-acclimatises to life without taste bud numbing cigarettes. An instant, guaranteed cure for a tasteless tongue doesn’t exist, but it’s definitely not a permanent thing so don’t run weeping to your doc, or enraged to your lawyer, just yet.

Olfactory Fatigue

To give Vaper’s Tongue its scientific name. Basically meaning that your sense of smell, which was once overwhelmed by the multi-faceted taste of that awesome new flavour your found yesterday, is tired of it today. It’s not so hard to imagine, we’ve all experienced a particularly unpleasant scent-sation before now: a fishmongers, public toilet, laundry basket, at first the smell may seem strong enough to send you reeling, but stand there for a while (not that loitering in public toilets or clambering into laundry baskets is the secret to a good time) and your nose will give up being offended and just get used to it.

The same principle applies to vaping, which is why many previous victims of this taste-threatening condition recommend regularly switching between flavours to keep your tongue on its toes... so to speak.

Water ‘bout Now?

Ok, so you’ve expanded your regular vaping menu from one to three, but your tongue still isn’t on the side of you and your delicious vaping goals, what’s wrong? Dehydration!

Vaping is drying on the mouth, no two ways about it, and a dry tongue can’t enjoy flavours like a healthy salivating one can. There are several things you can do to keep your tongue in prime condition for a tasty vape:

  • Drink water, obviously. If your mouth is dry, have a drink, and keep drinking throughout your vaping session.
  • Mouthwash rehydrates and cleans both your tongue and your palette which can revive your taste buds.
  • Brushing your teeth can do the same as mouthwash, with the added extra of a bit of tongue scrubbing.
  • PG mixes are a lot more drying than VG e-juice, with high levels of PG (and certainly 100%) wasting no time about drying out your mouth, if you know your tongue is the sensitive sort, then stick to well balanced or higher VG blends.
  • Wake up and smell the coffee because, as perfumers and wine tasters will tell you, sniffing coffee supposedly clears your olfactory senses, encourages your tongue to salivate and basically gives your taste buds a manual reboot. Sticking your nose in your elbow and giving it a good sniff may also help your dulled smell improve, though not other’s opinions of you.

You may have gone tongue-deaf but we hope not deal-deaf, because Vape Mountain has all the vaping options you need at great prices so you can be ready and raring to go when you’re tongue is back in action!