Buy E-Cigarettes with Visa Electron

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

So you’ve got a Visa Electron card. How many times have you been told “Sorry, we don’t accept Electron”? Too many!

Fortunately, this won’t be one of those times as here at Vape Mountain we’re more than happy to accept Visa Electron cards.

What’s the Problem?

Visa Electron cards usually don’t allow you to have an overdraft, which means that every transaction requires your bank to confirm you have the funds in your account before the sale goes through.

This is why a lot of places don’t accept Electron cards – they don’t have the technology – but here at Vape Mountain we have no problem with allowing you to buy e-cigarettes with Visa Electron.

Alongside the technical limitations some retailers have with Electron, Visa themselves have started to make it harder to buy e-cigarettes with Visa Electron, asking vaping companies to jump through some more hoops to enable them to process Visa payments.

But we’re pretty spry, so we cleared those hurdles with no issue.

As well as enabling you to buy e-cigarettes with Visa Electron, we also utilise SagePay for secure payment processing so you can be sure your money is safe with us.

PayPal Power

Using PayPal to buy e-cigarettes has also been a bit of a controversy as of late – retailers need special dispensation from PayPal to use their services for selling e-cigarettes. Fortunately, we’ve got exactly that!

And because we have been fully authorised by PayPal you can quickly check out with your PayPal account for an even easier e-cigarette shopping experience.

What Can I Buy With Visa Electron?

Whatever you like! You shouldn’t have to worry about buying e-cigarettes with Visa Electron, so we make sure that you don’t. As long as you’re old enough, you can use your Visa Electron card to buy anything from us.

Why not start by taking a look at our e-liquid range, organised neatly into different categories so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Or, if you’re new to the world of e-cigarettes, why not check out our range of vaping equipment to get you started.

Whatever vaping paraphernalia you’re after, Vape Mountain has you covered.