What E-Juice Produces the Most Vapour?

Wednesday, 20 April 2016  |  Admin

You must have experienced it before, walking down the street, spying a fellow vaper, looking on with awe and envy as they exhale more vapour than you thought possible. How are they doing that and why can’t you do it too?!

Cloud it be magic?

Nope, no magic, pure science! Science and a bit of home economics if you’re about cooking up your own E-juices. Here are the ingredients you need to insure nice, big, fluffy clouds:

  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

That's it! Simple, right? Your e-juice’s role in making big clouds is vital, and VG is definitely where it’s at.

As Vegetable Glycerine is much thicker than the common alternative Propylene Glycol (PG), the same applies to it's vapour. Although the two bases are commonly mixed to balance flavour and vapour volume, if you’re all about chasing some clouds then you’ll want to favour VG for sure. VG is far superior to PG for creating clouds, with PG being better for stealth vaping, which can be considered just about the opposite of cloud chasing, it’s also more likely to burn at the high temperatures you’ll be needing to summon huge vapour plumes.

A high VG mix of 70%+ is favoured by most Cloud pros, or you could go the whole smog and opt for 100% VG juices. VG is known to clog up devices more than PG due to its viscosity, so keeping on top of maintenance should be top priority if you are hoping for killer clouds every time.

Sublim-Ohm-nal Vaping

Ok, so you’ve found yourself a perfect PG/VG ratio to puff out those clouds, but it still isn’t enough! If you’re willing to stop at nothing to get your cloud highs, then you must enter the world of Sub-Ohm Vaping. This is where gets complicated, or pricey, or messy, or all of the above, because you’re gonna need a mod, and that means modifying what you got, you know, pulling old things out and adding new things on.

There are plenty artisans out there willing to do this for you, using everything from metal to plastic to glass, there are plenty more mad enthusiasts that have seen fit to attach their super powered vapes to knuckle dusters, old joysticks, and replica hand guns (why?!) but they are all working to the same principles, or the scientific ones, anyway:

Power, everyone wants more of it, and so do Cloud Chasers. Your standard batteries won’t produce enough power to have your juices hit a golden temperature for maximum vapour production. Most of these super-powered batteries have a box-like appearance and offer some serious wattage.

Resistance is futile in the face of cloud chasing, the lower the resistance of your coils, the better your vapour production.

Working knowledge of Ohm’s law has been the secret weapon of advanced vapers, allowing them to safely create mods that make monster clouds, luckily a new breed of equipment means you don’t have to risk your extremities being blown off by badly wired DIY mod jobs as ready-made sub-ohm batteries and clearomisers make crazy cloud puffing attainable for all.

Ready to make some serious clouds? Head over to our online store, pick up your perfect VG/PG ratio and get blowing!