What Does VG Mean?

Tuesday, 26 April 2016  |  Admin

Very Good? Vaper’s Gift? No wait, Vaping God! You’re all wrong.

Vegetable Glycerine

Yes, it’s slightly less exciting in name but a whole lot cooler in nature because VG is where you want to be if you intend to chase some clouds!

Here’s what you need to know about the mighty VG:

  • 100% natural vegetable extract
  • Thick, smooth consistency
  • Naturally sweet tasting
  • Makes the best clouds

VG vs. PG

Getting into vaping can be a strange and confusing time, what’s PG and VG? Why do you have to know about percentages? No one told you there’d be physics involved! Come back loyal cigarettes, you were so simple to enjoy!

Vegetable Glycerin

Calm down, dear, so vaping takes a little bit of brain work to get into – know why? Because it’s the smarter way to smoke! You can ignore that scary physics stuff for now (unless you to get into it), but the VG/PG percentage stuff is easy to learn, in fact we bet we can do it in under a minute, just read this table and we’ll see you on the other side.

PG (Propylene Glycol) VG (Vegetable Glycerin)
Organic compound Natural extract
Strong flavour carry Naturally sweet flavour
Gives strong "throat hit" like traditional cigarettes Smooth vapour
Very little vapour Responsible for huge clouds
Can cause allergic reactions 100% natural, allergies are rare

See, that wasn’t so hard right? So the point is if you want clouds, you want VG, and if you want throat-hitting flavour, you want PG, and if you want a bit of both, well, then you’re free to try a mixture until you find your perfect blend, simple!

What’s This About Clouds?

The vapour your vape pen makes can be taken to crazy new heights depending on how much VG you use. More VG = More vapour, kind of like a cloud. For some people these clouds have become the pivotal part of their vaping habit, so much so that they’ve called themselves “Cloud Chasers” started pulling some crazy tricks with their vapour trails and are making vaping into a genuine competitive sport, all thanks to VG!

Do I Need VG?

Technically, no, (but if you're a Cloud Chaser then definitely yes, at least 70%) there are 100% PG mixes out there, but most vapers consider it far too strong, and besides don’t you want to drift away on a strawberry-scented cloud? The majority of e-juices will feature VG, from a minimum level of around 20% to a completely 100% blend, what amount you want to try is up to you:

  • 0% VG: Almost no clouds, but a whole lot of throat-smacking flavour, still this is considered too strong and very dehydrating by most vapers.
  • 20% VG: A touch of vapour and some nice flavour, a good choice for savoury or tobacco flavours.
  • 50% VG: The perfect balance of clouds and flavour, this people-pleasing blend will probably satisfy most vapers.
  • 70% VG: Dislike clouds? Then tread no further.
  • 80% VG: Clouds, clouds everywhere. And possibly a clogged tank. VG is a thick liquid, remember? So a bit of maintenance may be needed if you want high levels of it in your vaporiser.
  • 90% VG+: For those who like organic e-liquids, are allergic to PG or are looking to create clouds that make you look like you have your own atmosphere, here's where you want to be.

It’s not like you have to stick to your ratio either, some flavours taste better with VG (especially dessert and sweet flavours than compliment VG’s natural sweet taste), some go better with a bit more of a throat-hit and a higher level of PG, and a huge amount of them are perfectly delicious with a 50/50 balance of the two.

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