What Do Electronic Cigarettes Do?

Friday, 22 April 2016  |  Admin

So you’ve arrived at Vape Mountain. You might be vaguely familiar with the mysterious mist, the cloudy craze, that is vaping. But you may ask yourself – what do electronic cigarettes actually do?

Well, before we get started we should clarify what we’re referring to when we say “electronic cigarette.” Any personal vaping device can be described as an electronic cigarette, however an electronic cigarette is also a specific type of vape. You might have heard the electronic cigarette go by other names, including e-cigarette, e-cig or cigalike.

They are the size and shape of traditional cigarettes, often designed to replicate them. Like analogue cigarettes, they are available in many convenience stores and are generally the cheapest and most simple form of personal vapouriser. (Learn more about the differences between types of vaping devices here!)

So, with that in mind, read on to learn more about the sleek little stick that’s got everyone talking...

What Do They Do?

Simply put, an e-cigarette is a battery powered device which converts liquid nicotine into vapour. The user then inhales this, often in order to simulate the experience of smoking.

How Do They Do This?

A rechargeable lithium battery powers the e-cig and is connected to a hollow vapourisation chamber. This contains an atomiser which creates the vapour. The user attaches a cartridge containing flavoured nicotine liquid to the vapourisation chamber. 

Then What?

E-cigs also have a mouthpiece which the user inhales on, the same way you would a regular cigarette. This activates the atomiser, which heats the liquid via a coil. Voila, vapour is formed!

What’s the Point?

Inhaling and exhaling vapour simulates a similar feeling and appearance of smoking, whilst delivering nicotine. There is no actual smoke formed, however – only vapour. Using e-cigs is therefore a popular choice for smokers wishing to cut down from regular cigarettes or make the switch to a healthier alternative, whilst receiving a nicotine fix to keep the cravings at bay.

How Harmful Are E-Cigs, Really?

Nothing is burnt during the process of vaping, only heated. Similarly, whilst you can use tobacco flavoured liquid, no tobacco is present in an e-cig. This means that there is no smoke, tar, carbon monoxide and other nasty by-products of combustion transferred to you. There is also significantly less chemicals in an e-cig than an analogue cigarette, which has thousands. 

What Is In E-Liquid? 

E-liquids can contain nicotine (although you can choose nicotine-free variants) which is addictive, but not proven harmful on its own in responsible amounts. E-liquid is also made from Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycerine (PG) and flavouring – all non-toxic ingredients often used in products you’d find in the supermarket.

What Next?

As mentioned earlier, “electronic cigarette” is an umbrella term often used to describe all types of personal vapouriser, not just the e-cig/cigalike. Many cigalike users eventually move on to other devices, such as the vape pen or vape mod. These allow for greater customisation, a wider choice of flavours, bigger plumes of vapour and generally more scope to have a bit of fun with. 

If you have successfully used e-cigs to combat a nicotine addiction, you may then move on to a pen or mod. That way, you can continue to enjoy the experience of vaping, whilst experimenting with the wider range of flavours - and perhaps even choosing to go nicotine-free. 

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