What are Vape Mods?

Thursday, 21 April 2016  |  Admin

The personal vaporiser takes three main forms – the e-cigarette, the vape pen and the vape mod. The former two are named so on account of their shape and size: the e-cig resembles a traditional cigarette, whilst the vape pen is chunkier and pen-shaped. Pretty self-explanatory.

But what the fog is a mod?! Read on to learn more about the mysterious mod and find out whether it’s the right vape for you!

Let’s Get Etymological

First things first, where does the word “mod” actually come from? (And no, it doesn’t mean that this vape is a by-product of the 60s subculture, coming complete with tailored suit and Vespa). 

Model? Modern? Modron, the funny little one-eyed creatures from 'Dungeons and Dragons'? Or perhaps it’s an abbreviation – Method Of Delivery? Mist Originating Device?

In fact, “mod” is said to come from the word “modify” or “modification”, referring to the fact that vape mods and their batteries have been adapted and developed from their little sister vape pen and cousin e-cig. Before vape mods came into existence, users who wished to get more out of their vape pens – for instance more functionality or power – would modify their devices themselves. 

A Pumped Up Vape Pen

Obviously this DIY approach is not advisable and subsequently the vape mod was manufactured. It was designed to produce more vapour, an enhanced “throat hit”, deeper flavour and an overall more intense vaping experience.

Vape mods are usually armed with a bigger battery which allows for the increased vapour production and flavour. So basically, a vape mod is a pumped-up vape pen - or an e-cig after it's hit the gym, if you will.

Are Vape Mods Right for Me?

Generally speaking, if you are an amateur vaper or only vape occasionally, a vape mod may not be the best choice. Vape pens offer a more simple design and set up, and are usually cheaper and more portable, perfect for beginners. Having said that, if you do feel ready to jump straight in with mods then the choice is yours.

If vaping is more of a hobby to you, or if you’re experienced using a vape pen and want to upgrade, a vape mod may be ideal. For those looking to really get into vaping, for instance if you’ve been struck by cloud-chasing, there’s no better device in terms of functionality and customisability. 

A vape mod is also often more durable and has a very good battery life, although all of the additional features do mean that it is generally more expensive than a vape pen or e-cig.

Pray to Mod

A good comparison is to imagine you’re buying a camera. If you want to take decent quality photos using a device that will get the job done to a high standard, but without the fuss, you may go for a standard digital camera. If you already own a digital camera and have an interest in photography you wish to explore, you may branch out to fancy film cameras which allow for more interesting, filtered effects. 

As with film cameras, before you buy a vape mod you should always do your research and educate yourself on what you can get out of your device. There are hundreds of forums and guides available online to advise mod users how to get the most out of their vaporiser and encourage discussion on this topic. 

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