PG vs. VG Infographic

Monday, 25 April 2016  |  Admin
Learn About the Differences Between PG and VG

VG or PG?

It's the battle of the bases! Ready, FIGHT!

PG vs VG

Organic Compound Type Organic Extract


Throat Hit




Nicotine Absorption

Quick Wick Absorption

Steeping Speed

Allergy Risk

Vaper's Tongue Risk

Favoured by

Tobacco Smokers

Flavour Seekers

Savoury tastes

High nicotine users

Cloud chasers


Sweet tastes

Sensitive throats

Tag Team

VG: 30% PG 70%

Strong throat hit

Excellent flavour

Good Vapour

Quick nicotine absorption

Can cause throat/tongue irritation

VG: 50%, PG: 50%

The best of both worlds

Good amount of vapour

Balanced flavour

Good throat hit

Efficient nicotine absorption

PG: 20%, VG: 80%

Excellent Clouds

Smooth Vapour

Sweetened flavour

Slow nicotine absorption