Is Vape Safe?

Monday, 18 April 2016  |  Admin

Oh, hello, are you new? Welcome to the wonderful world of vaping! We can probably predict all those questions going about your head: “Is Vaping Safe?”, “Is it Safe to Vape?”, “Are E-Cigarettes Safe?”, asking the internet for help probably ended up with you being overwhelmed with news articles, scientific studies and angry forum posters. Don’t worry, you don’t have to read them all, we’ve got the important facts for you right here.

Vaping: The Facts

  • Vaping is tar, tobacco and smoke free
  • Vaping can be done with or without nicotine
  • Vaping ‘smoke’ is not smoke at all, simply vapour that is completely harmless to those around you
  • A nicotine-free vape liquid is made of 100% safe ingredients that are also commonly found in foods
  • Most vapers use vaping as an alternative to tobacco
  • Many vapers follow a “step-down” process, lowering their nicotine use over time
  • Carbon monoxide levels as produced by a vapestick are minimal
  • Nothings burns in a e-cig, meaning zero smoke inhalation or other nasty by-products of combustion, and keeping your safe from hot ash!
  • Reported allergic reactions are due to PG, propylene glycol, a common food additive which can be easily replaced with 100% natural Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  • Vaping is undoubtedly safer than traditional cigarettes

Catching Up on Your Studies

It’s worth bearing in mind that vaping is a relatively new craze, so even the most in-depth study into the good and the bad of your trusty little vapestick will not have the benefit of long-term research. What the short-term statistics show is overwhelmingly positive; as a smoking option that produces no passive smoke, no tar and which is now the world’s favourite tobacco alternative, everything is looking good for vaping and its users.

While some studies have shown that vaping has had adverse effects on mice, any negative impact vaping may or may not have on humans is yet to be confirmed. Studies proving any detrimental effects of long-term vaping are yet to be released, but there are already millions of e-cigarette users who have used vaping to wean themselves off tobacco, and who can confirm that vaping has had only a positive effect on their lifestyles.

Ten Years with a Clean Record

In truth, it is impossible to know if vaping is 100% safe over an extended period, unless you have a time machine handy. Working with what we do know, though, vaping has been around for a little over a decade now and no cases of vaping-induced diseases, and certainly no deaths, have been confirmed. Compare that to the approximate 100,000 cigarette-related deaths reported every year and it’s fair to say that vaping is definitely the safest way to smoke.

We could talk all night about the vaping pros (and a little less long about the hypothetical cons) but if you want to save time, why not just give it a try yourself? Our online store stocks hundreds of flavours for you to choose from, including high level and zero nicotine options, all from high quality brands that ensure you can enjoy a far healthier smoking alternative every time!