How To Steep E-Liquid

Friday, 22 April 2016  |  Admin

Buy liquid. Ignore liquid. Remember liquid. Enjoy.

Forget mods and advanced mechanics – behold steeping, the vaping experience that favours the lazy!

Steep Right There

Is that a new a new E-Juice you have? Here’s an idea, put it down. And leave it there. For like... a month.

So that might sound crazy, but if you want your flavour kicks in a big way then you need to put the hours of laborious neglect in! Like any fine wine, good whiskey or a particularly cruel dose of the silent treatment, e-juices are more effective if left for a long time. Steeping gives the flavourings in your e-juices time to be absorbed to a greater degree, giving a deeper, more satisfying taste and one that is noticeably richer than a freshly mixed batch.

Steeping requires four things, all of which may seem like rather abusive ways of treating your innocent e-juice which only ever wanted to give you enjoyment, but for those e-juices that survive the onslaught, the rewards are great, and ever so delicious!

  • Banish it to the dark: Find a cool, dark place, like a drawer, or a cupboard, or your mind as you lay awake at night, and keep it there. That’s it. Go find something more interesting to do.
  • Threaten it with heat: Running the bottle under warm water, placing it on a radiator of moderate heat, setting in on the boiler, to heat is to steep.
  • Shake it up: Shake, shake, shake, shake ya juices. This helps flavours move around the liquid and be absorbed quicker, shake as often as you can.
  • Pull its head off: Remove the top of your liquid and leave it to breathe. Aim for about 4 - 6 hours at a time, any longer and you’ll end up degrading all that flavour you’re trying to enhance.
  • Combine 'em all! Truly put your juice through its paces and heat it up, shake it all over, strip it of its lid and then put it in the dark.

Make it Stop!

How long you subject your juices to this rigmarole depends on what your juice is made of! Fruity flavours tend to steep quickest, followed by tobacco tastes and then sweet, dessert flavours. Prime steeping time is up to you, it’s recommended that you leave your liquids at least a few days before trying them, the rest is down to your personal preference. You can leave juices for as long as you want, and with most coming with a 2 year shelf life, how long you dare (or can stand) to wait is up to you!

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