How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

Wednesday, 20 April 2016  |  Admin

You've seen them on the streets. Some of them look a bit like regular cigarettes, some of them look like crazy mechanical contraptions. You may even use them yourself, but haven't really thought about the inner workings. What wizardry is actually behind these devices? Well, you don't have to live in the dark any more, thanks to this handy guide telling you how e-cigarettes actually work!


One of the most important parts of any e-cigarette is of course the battery, without which your device is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. E-cigs come in various forms, and the battery varies accordingly. Disposable e-cigs are simply thrown away when the battery dies, whereas other 'cigalikes' (e-cigs resembling regular cigarettes) and most other personal vaporisers come with rechargeable batteries.

Battery power/life is a big concern with regards to vaping, as you want to be able to vape away without worrying about charging your device every couple of hours. Cigalikes generally have a shorter battery life, so may not be for the short-tempered/impatient. Vape pen batteries generally last longer, and various mods allow you to upgrade the battery for better performance and a longer life. Batteries also come in two forms; manual and automatic. Manual batteries have a button that you press before inhaling, while automatic batteries are engaged when air is sucked through them.


No e-cigarette would be complete without an atomiser, as it's the part that turns your e-liquid into sweet, sweet vapour. It does this by heating a coil, which is in contact with the liquid. When the liquid gets hot enough you can inhale it, and voilà! Atomisers won't last forever, and generally their lifespan ranges from a couple of weeks to a few months so it's best to have a couple at any one time. If you want to pimp your vape you can use bigger, 'rebuildable atomisers', which help to enhance the flavour of your e-liquid.


Often combined with an atomiser and known as 'clearomisers', tanks are where the e-liquid is stored. Their see-through design lets you see how much liquid is left at any time, so you won't have to take an unpleasant 'dry hit' (inhaling with no liquid left). Tanks come in varying sizes, so if you want to store a lot of liquid, and do a lot of vaping on-the-go, it's best to go for a bigger one. The clearomiser features a soft wick that absorbs the liquid, and a coil at the top or bottom.

Mouthpiece/Drip Tip

The final part of your e-cigarette is the mouthpiece, which allows you to inhale all those lovely flavours. A drip tip is a hollow mouthpiece that can be used to pour e-juice straight into the atomiser, without the need for a clearomiser/tank. This can result in improved flavour and clouds, but can be difficult to master.


Now you know how e-cigarettes work, why not buy one yourself here at Vape Mountain, and while you're at it add in a few premium e-liquids!