Health Risks of Electronic Cigarettes

Wednesday, 27 April 2016  |  Admin

How safe electronic cigarettes are has been debated since they were made public in 2004, and something which will no doubt continue to be discussed.

Here at Vape Mountain we’ve spent many hours researching and exploring this subject and can summarise with the following facts:

  • E-cigarettes are tar and tobacco free. Burning tobacco creates toxic tar as a by-product, damaging your lungs and impairing breathing - the primary cause of premature death in the UK. Vaping uses no tobacco and tar is not present in vapour.
  • Vaping is smoke-free. Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 carcinogens which can cause cancer. Very few carcinogenic chemicals have been found in e-cigarettes – the clouds produced are harmless vapour rather than actual smoke. There are therefore no nasty by-products of combustion present and no second-hand smoke dangers.
  • E-cigarettes don’t have to contain nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive but not proven harmful on its own in responsible amounts. There are different nicotine concentrations available for e-cigarettes, including liquids that contain no nicotine whatsoever.
  • E-Liquids also consist of vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycerine (PG), flavouring and distilled water – all considered harmless. VG and PG are non-toxic and are actually used as food additives, found within many products on your supermarket shelves. 
  • No confirmed cases of diseases or deaths caused by vaping, in comparison with the 100,000 cigarette-related deaths reported every year in the UK.

This all seems largely positive, especially when comparing electronic cigarettes to their traditional, smoky counterparts. However, as with many things, that’s not to say that there are no health risks associated with using e-cigarettes. 

Read on to learn about some of the risks you should be aware of if you do decide to enter the world of vape.

Dehydration and Vaper’s Tongue 

Something to be wary of whilst you vape is its ability to dry out your mouth and throat. This can easily by counteracted by sipping on a glass of water as you vape, or by using a liquid with higher levels of VG, which is less drying than PG. 

Dry mouth can cause Vaper’s Tongue which, again, isn’t dangerous or permanent but can be an inconvenience and reduce your vaping experience. A dry tongue can’t pick up flavours as well as a healthy, saliva-covered one and may weaken your taste-buds ability. Don’t worry, your taste will return – just remember to stay hydrated as you vape (and in general!). If you feel like your mouth and throat is uncomfortably dry, take a little break from the vape!

Nicotine Withdrawal

First of all, remember that you don’t have to vape nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are available with zero nicotine content, perfect if you aren’t addicted to smoking and just want to enjoy the fun flavours and clouds of vaping. 

Some users vape as a substitute for smoking. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs allow you to control your nicotine dosage. Many start with a higher concentration and wean themselves off as their dependency decreases. Nicotine is a stimulant, like caffeine, and can cause withdrawal symptoms if you are an addict coming off it. These include headaches, nausea, irritability and fatigue. Just try and remember this is temporary and the health benefits of going smoke and nicotine-free will make it all worth it!

PG Allergy

A small number of people are allergic to propylene glycerine, one of the base ingredients for e-liquid. If you experience sore throat, sinus problems, headaches, nausea or, in extreme cases, numbness of the face and tongue and itchy hives on the upper body, you may have a PG allergy. If this is the case you should stop using your e-cigarette and consult a doctor. If you are allergic to propylene glycerine, you can switch to e-liquids with 100% VG content and no PG.

E-Liquid is Dangerous if Drunk

The range of e-liquid flavours available on the market grows ever more wild and delicious, like an untamed bush bursting with tempting fruits! From apple pie and coconut to toffee and butterscotch, the liquids smell just like the real thing. They are, however, poisonous if ingested – so don’t drink them! This may seem obvious but is really important, particularly with regard to children, infants and pets. Always keep your e-liquids in a secure place.

E-Cigarette Long-Term Effects are Unknown

As modern vaping has only taken off in the last decade or so, long-term research into the health risks of electronic cigarettes is still in its infancy. This is why many have reservations about using electronic cigarettes - choosing not to vape will always be better for you than inhaling anything into your lungs. 

If you have made yourself aware of these health risks and still think vaping is right for you, explore our online store and get started!