Going Underground with Iceliq's Underground Range

Wednesday, 18 May 2016  |  Admin

Think of dark pubs hidden down cobbled alleys. Think of The Clash's 'London Calling' pounding in time to the slapping of your shoes against the pavement. Think of big city attitude marbled with classic British charm.

“Experience the urban taste of London” reads Iceliqs’ introduction to their Underground series, a bold range created with those making the transition from smoking to vaping in mind. Want to learn more? Well, let the brass bands play and your feet start to pound, cause we’re going underground...follow us!

Beneath the Surface

First of all, let’s get beneath the surface of the Iceliqs Underground Range and find out what it’s really about.

People choose to vape for different reasons. Some are aspiring savvy cloud-chasers, fiddling around in the realm of mods and sub-ohm in order to produce the best vapour plumes. Some are drawn in by the range of unique flavours, wanting to feel like a kid in a sweetshop and sample all the blends. And others want to forget the fuss, forget the clouds, forget the flavours, and just get down to business. This is more likely if you’re choosing to vape as an alternative to smoking.


Many ex-smokers, or those who are trying to cut down, vape in order to simulate the experience of smoking, whilst getting a nicotine fix to help with the cravings. This is seen as a healthier alternative as the process of vaping doesn’t involve combustion or tobacco and therefore doesn’t cause you to breathe in the same harmful chemicals and carcinogens.

The range of e-liquid flavours available on the market is constantly growing – blue cotton candy, dragon fruit and watermelon, whiskey and cola... But, if you are vaping to help transition from traditional cigarettes, these may be wasted on you. It’s more likely you’ll just want to stick to the classic tobacco or menthol flavours in order to fill the space of analogues more realistically. Which is where Iceliqs Underground comes in.

Twist and Shout

There are many other brands of e-liquid which sell standard tobacco and menthol flavours. However, the Underground range is unique in that it doesn’t just offer tobacco and menthol but also subtle twists on these classics, combining them with other notes or altering the intensity of the flavour. Who said tobacco and menthol flavoured e-liquid had to be boring?

Named after London Underground tube stations, the Temple liquid is menthol, pure and simple – but the range also offers the Victoria juice, for example, which mixes menthol with overtones of coconut rum cocktail.

London Bridge has a semi-sweet tobacco flavour, perfect for those used to light smoking, or alternatively try Borough for a stronger tobacco taste. But, for when you fancy a slight change, the series also includes Bank, tobacco flavoured liquid with caramel and vanilla notes, or Oxford Circus which tastes like a light cigar. Charring Cross's sweet tobacco flavour even tastes like hot cross buns!

Mind the Gap

There seemed to be a gap in the market for e-liquids which both maintained traditional, familiar cigarette flavours whilst also giving users something extra. Firmly closing that gap, Iceliqs have turned the stereotype of classic e-liquid flavours being dull on its head. You need never return to your old analogues! 

So no delays, full steam ahead and start your commute to the Iceliqs Underground series now, available from Vape Mountain.