Does Vaping Affect Breathing?

Friday, 22 April 2016  |  Admin


But only in a good way!

Tobacco-mpletely Honest

Is smoking bad for you? Yes. Is inhaling anything better than cigarettes good? Yes. Is inhaling anything worse than fresh air good for you? No.

We’re Vape Mountain, we love vaping so much we’re prepared to shout it from the mountain tops, but we’re not scientists and we’re not in possession of a time machine, so it would be pretty dishonest of us to say that vaping is 100% the best thing you can do for your body and it will never impact your health even after a decade of use.

Vaper's Tongue

The truth is we don’t know the long term effects of vaping and we all know that the best thing to do is neither smoke nor vape, just like the best thing would be for no one to live in big cities full of a thousand different airborne pollutants. The important thing is, if you’ve taken the decision to move on from tobacco then we’re here to help, and if you’re asking if is vaping good when compared to cigarettes then we can confidently say yes. We may not have a way of looking to the future but we do have the past 10 years and millions of happy ex-tobacco smokers telling us that vaping is most definitely better for their health, finances and lifestyle than cigarettes ever were.

Smoked Lungs

Not-so-fun fact: Smoking hates your lungs. If you’re a smoker then you’re probably familiar with the negative effects it has on your breathing. Now you’re a happy vaper maybe you’ve forgotten all about it, so let us refresh your memory:

  • Causes the overproduction of mucus
  • Paralysis the cilia, which clean the lungs
  • Mucus and toxins build up and congest the lungs with tar
  • Can lead to emphysema or damage to the lungs natural structure
  • Carbon monoxide inhalation stops the efficiency of blood flow to all organs
  • This depleted efficiency in your lungs leaves you breathless after short periods of activity

Take Up the Vape

Stopping smoking, even to inhale vapour instead of smoke, is always going to be a favour to your hard working lungs. Millions of smokers use vaping every year to move on from tobacco and enjoy a healthier alternative, and all of them will report that they feel better now than before. Vaping may not be as good as clean, fresh air, but it’s the perfect first step to a tobacco and maybe even nicotine-free life, and as no tar, ash or smoke is created by e-cigs, you’ll have none of those things affect your respiratory health. Once you switch to vaping you’re sure to notice:

  • Your lungs beginning to clear out old tar and mucus
  • Being able to do more without becoming breathless
  • An increased physical stamina
  • A overall better sense of “wellness”

Leave Me Breathless

If you are struggling to get to grips with vaping after smoking, there are a few reasons you might be having trouble with the change. The VG/PG ratio you are using can also play part, with high PG e-juices or e-liquids being harsher on the throat and mouth than VG alternatives.

The bottom line is vaping is worse than not vaping but infinitely better than smoking, because we can’t all be perfect now, can we?