Buckshot - Gunning for the E-Juice Crown

Thursday, 28 April 2016  |  Admin

"Buckshot through the heart, and you're to blame. You give vape, a bad name." So goes the popular song by Bong Jovi, notable rivals of the vaping world. But who wants to listen to them? It's the twenty first century now, and e-liquids are in the ascendency. Stung by this criticism (probably), Buckshot have emerged to be one of the rising stars of e-juice production. 

Who Are Buckshot?

Buckshot comprises co-founders Greg and Alena, who created the company in 2013 out of Costa Mesa, California. Both smokers, they wanted a cleaner lifestyle and knew it was time to make a change. After seeing the positive results of e-cigs replacing smoking, they decided to make a contribution to the industry and create their own e-juices. They wanted a superior product that could be vaped and enjoyed all day long, and thus, Buckshot came into being.

The Juices

Buckshot favours the sweet flavours of fruits and desserts in their e-juices, which is a relief, as shotgun shells probably don't taste very good. A 60/40 VG/PG ratio gives a good balance between flavour and vapour production, while nicotine levels range from 0 - 18mg. With a complex and diverse range, there's sure to be something for everyone. Here are some of the premium flavours:

  • .357 E-Liquid - you feeling lucky, punk? Named after the .357 magnum (yes, it was a .44 in the film) this e-liquid is sure to blow you away! A refreshing, fruity blend of strawberry and watermelon, it also features cooling, soothing menthol. 
  • Double Tap E-Liquid - everyone knows the best way to disable an opponent, but what about the best way to disable your tastebuds? A sweet, delicious strawberry inhale is followed by the dragon fruit exhale for an e-juice that will knock you out.
  • Hard Candy E-Liquid - for those who like the best of both worlds and a sweet and sour experience, this flavour delivers the taste of your favourite sweet tart candy treats, but without needing a trip to the dentist afterwards!
  • M-80 E-Liquid - this is a firecracker of an e-juice! Taking its name from the explosive device (either that or the motorway in central Scotland...) the M-80 is a refreshing blend of dragon fruit and watermelon. Don't worry, you won't be breathing fire once you're done.
  • Cherry Bomb E-Liquid - packed with explosive cherry flavour with the addition of smooth whipped cream , this e-juice will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you coming back for more. 

I Want Some!

So, you've got Buckshot e-liquids in your sights and you're ready to take a shot. It couldn't be easier to do so, as here at Vape Mountain we've got the whole Buckshot range of e-juices ready for you to try.