Are E-Cigarettes Cheaper than Smoking?

Thursday, 28 April 2016  |  Admin

Whilst long-term research into e-cigarettes is still underway, it definitely seems as though vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. With no burning tobacco, tar, carcinogens or smoke inhaled by the user – only heated liquid vapour – there have been no known links made between e-cigarettes and lung disease. Quite the contrast to their smoky counterpart!

On top of this, vapour smells more pleasant than smoke, doesn’t cling to your hair or clothes and has thousands of more flavour options than cigarettes. All sounds pretty good so far! But what about the financial cost? Something has to give, surely: are e-cigarettes cheaper than smoking?

Electronic vs. Analogue

We’ll admit it, if you placed an electronic cigarette and an analogue cigarette side-by-side, it’s pretty obvious which one is more expensive. I mean come on, one is made of essentially paper and leaves whilst the other is a state-of-the-art model more akin to Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver than a cigarette!

And it’s true, up-front an e-cigarette will likely be more expensive than your traditional cigarettes. The average 20-pack of cigarettes costs around seven to nine pounds, whilst a single e-cigarette can cost anything from seven to ninety pounds, with vape starter kits typically retailing for £35 - £45. 

But wait! Before you run away from Vape Mountain screaming with nothing more than a trail of smoke in your wake, hear this: CHOOSING VAPING OVER SMOKING SAVES YOU MONEY! 

A Long-Term Relationship

That’s because e-cigarettes are far more cost-effective long-term. If you consider the initial cost of an e-cigarette as an investment, as well as the odd future cost of replacement liquids and parts, you’re going to be saving far more in the long-run than if you continued to buy traditional cigarettes.

Here are the statistics:

  • On average, smoking 5 cigarettes a day will cost £548 a year, 10 a day will cost £1,095 a year and 20 a day will cost £2,190 a year. 
  • A 20-a-day smoker will spend about £50 a week on cigarettes.
  • Comparatively, the average vaper will spend about £5 a week.
  • This saves you over £2,000 a year if you make the switch – around the same as the average monthly salary! Think of what you could do with that extra money!
  • The NHS estimates that e-cigarettes are 20% cheaper than regular cigarettes, saying that this may even be an underestimate. 

Let Your Purse Breathe

If the health risks associated with smoking aren’t enough to put you off then perhaps the never-ending cost will. Whilst smokers will be constantly running out and re-buying packs of cigarettes, purchasing one vape, as well as refills, could potentially be all you need.

It’s estimated that a refill cartridge is equivalent to anything from seven to twenty-five regular cigarettes in terms of puffs, depending on usage.

So let your purse breath a healthy, clean sigh of relief and watch your savings build as you switch from smoking to vaping. Perhaps you’ll use the extra money to treat yourself – quitting smoking is hard, you deserve it!

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