Alternative E-Cigarette to OK Vape: 10 Motives

3 September 2020

Whether you've been vaping with OK Vape for some time or you've decided to give the brand a go following the discontinuation of Nicocig, you may have decided that it's not quite what you're looking for. If this is the case, then 10 Motives may be more to your taste. There is a range of similarities between the two cigalike devices that is ideal for people looking for an alternative, and in this guide we take a look at what makes them different.

If you're looking for a new vape device now that Nicocig has been discontinued, our guide Nicocig vs OK Vape can provide you with some further information about how the vapes compare.

Who Are 10 Motives?

Similar to Nicocig and OK Vape, 10 Motives is one of the most popular cigalikes available today. The cigalike device looks similar to the OK Vape e-cig, with a cartridge and battery that combine to mimic the appearance of a standard cigarette. Both e-cigs are similar in shape, size and weight, with both offering tobacco and menthol flavours.

Why Is 10 Motives Our Chosen Alternative?

Just like OK Vape, 10 Motives is a plug-and-play device. Simply plug the USB charger into a USB slot to charge, then once charged you can connect the battery to the cartridge, and you're good to go. Both brands are available in familiar flavours, while also being similar in feel and appearance.

OK Vape vs 10 Motives

While we think OK Vape is a brilliant e-cig, we know that it won't be the e-cigarette for everybody. That's why we're happy to recommend 10 Motives as a reliable alternative. See below for a breakdown of the comparison between the two devices:


Both OK Vape and 10 Motives e-cigs feature the same cigalike appearance. Something to consider is the fact that the 10 Motives E-Cigarette is only available with a blue tip and in only one length, whereas the OK Vape E-Cigarette can be purchased in a choice of lengths with either an orange or blue tip.

10 Motives V OK Vape
Top: 10 Motives - Bottom: OK Vape


The 10 Motives and OK Vape cigalikes both weigh pretty much the same, meaning they have a similar feel when holding them in between your fingers. This makes it more comfortable to transition from traditional cigarettes when compared to bulkier or less discreet vape devices.


10 Motives and OK Vape cartridges are both available in the familiar tobacco and menthol flavours. 10 Motives can also be purchased in a selection of sweet and fruity flavours such as Vanilla and Cherry.

Ease of Use

The 10 Motives cigalike e-cig is very easy to use. As with the OK Vape Starter Kit, the 10 Motives Starter Kit is provided with the USB charger that allows you to plug your battery into a USB slot to charge it up to full. Once the battery is fully charged, you can then connect the battery to the cartridge, a quick and simple process that you'll be familiar with if you've ever vaped with OK Vape or Nicocig.


Another reason why we love OK Vape and 10 Motives is because of how discreet the cigalike design is. This compact size allows you to hold the device in your hand without anyone noticing for more discreet vaping.


The main difference between OK Vape and 10 Motives can be found in the available strengths. The 10 Motives cartridges are available in a number of different strengths, and you can see in the table below how they compare to nicotine strengths available with OK Vape.

10 Motives Strength OK Vape Strength
High (20mg) Extra High (20mg)
Medium (16mg) High (18mg)
Low (11mg) Medium (12mg)
N/A Low (6mg)
N/A Nicotine Free (0mg)

Buy 10 Motives Cartridges Today

If you've decided that the 10 Motives cigarette is for you, then you can find a full list of the available 10 Motives flavours and strengths available.

You can view our full range of 10 Motives products, including the starter kit, replacement batteries, and cartridges, in our 10 Motives category.

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Please be aware that the products mentioned contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. E-cigarettes are not intended as an aid to smoking cessation and are only intended as an alternative to other tobacco products.