What's the Difference Between Nicocig and OK Vape?

3 September 2020

We're sorry to say that Nicocig has now been discontinued, but thankfully we've found a similar alternative. Read on to find out about the OK Vape E-Cigarette, which offers a similar vaping experience to Nicocig.

We've spent a lot of time finding the perfect replacement for Nicocig. OK Vape coffers the same battery and cartridge combination, a nearly identical visual cigalike style, and the same tobacco and menthol flavours are also available.

Why Are We Saying Goodbye to Nicocig?

We've never been more sorry to see a brand go, but rest assured it isn't just us at Vape Mountain who are affected. The manufacturers of Nicocig have made the decision to no longer produce Nicocig products, which means that it will no longer be available for sale anywhere in the UK.

OK Vape: The AlternativeThe OK Vape Rechargeable E-Cigarette Starter Kit

OK Vape produce one of the UK's best-selling cigalikes, used by thousands of customers every single day. It features the same cigarette design as Nicocig, with the cartridge and battery combination and USB charging. This guide briefly explains the similarities and differences in the following:

  • Use
  • Cost
  • Feel and Taste
  • Look
  • Strength

The Similarities and Difference Between Nicocig and OK Vape


When it comes to using your OK Vape E-Cigarette, you'll find that it is pretty much the same as Nicocig. Charge it via a USB charger, screw the battery into the cartridges and start vaping. Inhale through the end like you usually would.

Verdict: Exactly the same


OK Vape and Nicocig have both been priced similarly, but with OK Vape refills you get more for your money, with five cartridges been supplied with your purchase instead of three. Each OK Vape refill cartridge provides the equivalent of around 25 cigarettes.

Verdict: More economical. Five cartridges per pack instead of Nicocig's three.

Feel and Taste

The feel and taste of OK Vape products are very similar to Nicocig, weighing the same and fitting in your hand the same too. The drag may produce a little less vapour than Nicocig, but this doesn't impact your vaping experience. They also taste very similar, with both tobacco and menthol flavours available.

Verdict: Feels the same to vape, weighs the same, and tastes the same.


The overall look of the OK Vape E-Cigarette is not far from identical to the Nicocig cigalike. The only differences is that the packaging is slightly smaller, the colour of the battery tip is yellow instead of red, and there is writing on the side of your e-cigarette.

Verdict: Similar except for battery tip, smaller box and writing on the cigarette.

A Comparison: The Nicocig vs OK Vape Cigalike
OK Vape and Nicocig Share a Similar Shape, Size and Style


The main difference between the two e-cigs is that the strengths don't quite align. You can still buy your cartridges in different strengths, but you might want to take a quick look at the comparison table below before making a purchase.

Nicocig (mg) OK Vape (mg)
N/A Very High (20mg)
High (16mg) High (18mg)
Medium (11mg) Medium (12mg)
Low (6mg) Low (6mg)
N/A Nicotine Free (0mg)

Verdict: Slight difference in strength, highlighted by table above.

Where Can I Buy OK Vape?

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Please be aware that the products mentioned contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. E-cigarettes are not intended as an aid to smoking cessation and are only intended as an alternative to other tobacco products.