Why Doesnít My Vaporiser Make Clouds?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016  |  Admin

One of the most attractive aspects of vaping is its ability to form beautiful, swirling clouds of vapour. These are usually larger, denser and more pleasant smelling than exhaled tobacco smoke and are the reason behind the popular activity cloud chasing

If you’re disappointed with the clouds your vapouriser is making, or are an aspiring cloud chaser wanting to maximise your vapour output, then read on and learn how to safely impress your friends with the most awesome plumes!

Get Your Head Out of the Clouds

Sub-ohm vaping is a popular but controversial trend within the world of vaping. It describes the process of tampering with your electronic cigarette, pushing the limit of the battery and altering its resistance level to enable bigger vapour clouds.

This can be really dangerous and has been known to cause vaping devices to overheat, melt and even  explode. So if you are going to sub-ohm vape make sure you get your head out of the clouds, do your research and be incredibly careful – we do not recommend this technique for inexperienced vapers.

Cloud Chasing

Be a Veg Legend

A safer way to improve the cloud output from your vaporiser is to increase the amount of vegetable glycerine in your e-liquid. Vaping liquid has a base which consists of either vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG) or a combination of both. 

VG is denser than PG and captures moisture from the air more effectively, therefore a higher VG content is going to result in thicker, larger vapour clouds. You can even choose e-liquids that are 100% vegetable glycerine!

Whilst a higher VG ratio will result in larger clouds, it may compromise the flavour as PG carries flavour more effectively. Vapers will therefore generally have to choose whether receiving the best flavour or making bigger clouds is their priority – if you’re reading this post, we’re guessing the latter applies to you!

Forget Your Tongue – Go Straight to Lung!

Along the same line, inhaling “straight to lung” will decrease the flavour but allow for bigger clouds. This describes a method of inhaling in which the vapour is taken directly into your lungs, as opposed to “mouth to lung” when it is held in your mouth and then inhaled.

The straight to lung method enables greater amount of vapour to be inhaled and therefore exhaled. However, the mouth to lung method allows the flavour to be better appreciated as it is held in the vaper’s mouth for longer. 

So, similarly to choosing a higher VG over PG ratio, you’ll have to accept that straight to lung vaping will reduce the flavour of your experience – but will boost your cloud production!

Choosing e-liquid with a zero or lower nicotine content will make the straight to lung method easier, as a higher nicotine content can cause a harsh burning sensation when pulled directly into your lungs.

Get a Little Lower

You can also increase your vapour production by using a device which has a lower ohm coil. This means that the coil has less resistance so it will heat up more quickly, allowing you to burn through your vaping liquid more rapidly for a higher cloud output. 

This is, however, a less economical option as it means you’ll go through your e-liquid at a higher rate and so have to replace it more frequently. 

So if it’s vapour you want to visualise, plumes you hope to produce and clouds you can’t wait to create then don’t hold back! Explore the range of products available at Vape Mountain, including high VG percentage and low nicotine strength e-liquids.