Where to Buy Vapes

Wednesday, 20 April 2016  |  Admin

So you've done the research; you now know what vaping is, the risks and the benefits, and decided that it's for you. The next step is finding out where to actually buy the gear and get you started on your vaping journey. The good news? You can buy vapes and all sorts of vaping equipment from a range of places, both on the high street and online. In fact, there's so much available you might even be spoiled for choice.

Vape Shops

The best place to get vapes on the high street is, surprisingly, a vape shop. While vape shops might not be the most common sight on the high street yet, more and more are popping up every week and, in a few years, they could even be a staple as the pastime of vaping soars in popularity. Just a quick internet search should provide you with all the information you need with regards to the vape shops in your area. 

The vape shops themselves are usually small, independent businesses, and as such the design and product selection varies greatly. Some look like bars, and even have lounges where you can have a drink while trying out the merchandise, or socialising with fellow vapers. Vape shops are also a great place to find out more about all aspects of vaping, and get personal advice on what vapes and e-liquids to choose. Cloud chasing (blowing large clouds of vapour) is also a common sight in these shops.

Convenience Stores/Tobacco Shops

Vaping equipment is also available in more traditional shops such as convenience stores or tobacco shops, although this will usually be 'cigalikes' rather than more advanced vaporisers. 


This is where the greatest selection of products is, with a huge number of dedicated vaping websites springing up, and it would be remiss not to mention ourselves, Vape Mountain, in this category. With a great range of vapes and juices, Vape Mountain has all you need to start your vaping experience. Why not check out our Range of Starter Kits, which gives you an all-in-one kit allowing you to get going immediately. 

If you're after some premium e-juice to go with that starter kit you just bought, then the Five Pawns range of gourmet e-juices could be right up your alley. Some of their e-liquids have been aged in oak barrels for a mature and nuanced flavour. Or you could go for the Ruthless e-juice range, all the way from California, with a great selection of fun and fruity flavours.


Whether you want to brave the outside world, scour the internet or just stay and browse the range at Vape Mountain (hint: you should stay here), you now know where you can purchase vaping equipment. So, what are you waiting for?