Where Can I Buy Vape Juice?

Tuesday, 26 April 2016  |  Admin

You’ve read the blogs, checked out the information and come to the conclusion that vaping is for you. Congratulations, decision made. You get your starter kit, are blown away by vaping and reach for your vape juice to refill and go again. Ah. Missing something?

Despite cigarettes now having to be stored out of sight in a shop, everyone knows where you can buy them, even those who don’t smoke. The big locked cabinet behind the tills gives it away. What about vape juice? Where can you buy that?

Real-life Shops – Who Knew?

If there is a market for a product, shops will follow, and not just online either. Specialist vape shops might not be the most prominent shops to line the high street just yet, but they are getting there with more and more springing up each day.

These specialist shops contain everything you need for vaping; from starter kits to a range of brands for different flavour e-liquids. You can do more than just buy your next batch of juices here, vaping is big on its sense of community, and your local cloud chasers are sure to be found swapping tips at your nearest vape shop.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Tobacco shops have been around for years and have flourished, but the introduction of e-cigs means the market is changing, and if your life-long tobacconists wish to survive, they have to embrace the change too! Your local tobacco shop will likely offer a range – even a limited one – of vape juices. Bear in mind their speciality is tobacco though; they may not have everything you want.

Big supermarkets offer a range of e-liquids. Again, though, the selection may be extremely limited and it will be easier to buy starter kits and refills rather than actual e-juice. If you’re hoping to mix up some flavours and get creative, this isn’t the best place to go. Still, for those occasions when you need a nicotine hit at 2am and nowhere else is open other than Sainsburies, at least you know you’ve got an option.


The biggest retail environment for vape juice is online. While there are a countless number of sites popping up selling e-juice, the only place you really need to go is here.

It’s not just vape juice you will find. After a completely new e-cig? Straight ahead of you here. Perhaps you’ve exhausted your battery? Not a problem, turn left until you reach here. Need a starter kit or looking for a certain brand of e-juice? We’ve got it covered here at Vape Mountain.

Easy Peasy

Without leaving the comfort of your home – or even your bed – you can order everything you need for a complete vaping experience. And if you wish to risk the outside world, at least you now know what you are looking for and where to go.

Good luck!

Take a look around Vape Mountain for all of your vaping needs.