What is VG/PG Ratio?

Wednesday, 20 April 2016  |  Admin

PG = Propylene Glycol. VG = Vegetable Glycerine. Ratio = The quantitative relation between two amounts. 

...What, you want to know more?

VG, PG, Easy Peasy

Alright, if you insist.  Put simply, the VG/PG Ratio is the amount of VG and PG you have in your e-juices. This is pretty important information for vapers with discerning tastes so brands will have it clearly printed on their bottles making it easy for you to find your preferred amount, see below to find out what sort of levels you should expect.

Vegetable Glycerin

First things first, though, not sure what VG/PG even means? Allow us to enlighten you:

Vegetable Glycerine

This 100% organic product is derived from vegetables (wait...does that make vaping one of our 5 a day?!) and is naturally sweet tasting, making it a good choice for the cakey, caramel or dessert flavours out there.

  • Thicker viscosity than PG
  • THE choice for more vapour and big clouds
  • Very smooth vaping experience
  • Sweet tasting
  • Commonly found in food and toothpaste
  • Can clog devices

Propylene Glycol

Used in medicines, this organic compound is great for carrying flavour and gives a ‘throat hit’ that ex-smokers might find similar to traditional cigarettes.

  • Flavourless and odourless, perfect for carrying added flavourings
  • Strong ‘throat hit’
  • Creates less vapour, ideal for stealth vaping
  • Less dilution required than with VG
  • Commonly found in cosmetics and inhalers
  • Can cause allergic reactions

The Golden Ratio

You don’t have to pick a ratio at all if you don’t want to, because 100% PG and 100% VG juices are available (though 100% VG may be easier to find). For the perfect vaping experience that combines clouds with flavour, though, a neat balance of the two is key. Ratios are generally based on VG content, with most of them erring towards equal VG/PG content or higher VG.

  • 0% VG/100% PG: Gives the strongest throat hit and a crisp flavour, vapour will still be produced but in amounts that would make a cloud chaser weep. A good choice for vapers who prefer flavour or just don’t like having their head in the clouds.
  • 20% VG/80%PG: This is a good blend for those who still prefer flavour and throat-hit but also want a bit more cloudy business going on. Tobacco and savoury flavours do well with this ratio as VG’s natural sweetness has less effect on their overall taste.
  • 50% VG/50% PG: A popular choice for many e-juice brands, in this ratio everyone wins! Equal flavour-carrying, throat-hitting PG with the cloudy thickness of VG.
  • 70% VG/30% PG: From here on up it’s cloud territory. Cloud Chasers will do well to stick to 70%+ VG blends, as will those sweet-toothed vapers amongst you.
  • 80% VG/20% PG: With Great clouds come great responsibility, if you’re playing with high levels of VG, you’ll want to put some extra shifts into keeping your vaporiser clean as the juice may start to clog up your parts.
  • 90% VG+: From 90% upwards you’re looking at great clouds and also a great alternative to those who find PG irritating on their throats or nostrils. The 100% level is also where you’ll find organic vape juices with only natural flavours and ingredients.

You may also come across Max VG, which does not mean 100% VG, confusingly enough. Max VG levels vary from brand to brand and means the maximum level of VG that they as a brand are prepared to put in your juices. So, one e-juice might offer a Max VG level of just 60% while another will ramp it up to 99%, neither of them are actually offering 100% though, so keep that in mind if you want to avoid any disappointment!

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