What is Vaping/Smoking?

Tuesday, 19 April 2016  |  Admin

Here is some Vape Mountain wisdom for you: Vaping is not smoking, and neither is smoking, vaping. Surprised? Allow us to enlighten you further.

Vaping 101

The main reason that vaping is not smoking is because there is, shock, horror, no smoke involved. Vaping releases harmless vapour, caused by warming rather than burning, that is free from the unpleasant smell or dangerous toxins found in tobacco smoke. Vaping fluid is made for 4 - 5 ingredients, unlike cigarettes which have hundreds of toxins wrapped up inside. A vaporiser or tank is also battery run so there's no need for flames at all. Vaping devices are made up of more or less three parts: an atomiser tank which holds and heats your liquid, an inhaler to let you puff up the vapour and a battery to power it all. So essentially all vaping is, is inhaling the heat vapour from warmed e-liquids.

Do I Vape or Do I Smoke?

Vape, of course! We may be a bit biased, but we’re also just working with the facts, and statistically the most common type of vaper is typically also a smoker either trying to make the change from tobacco or who has successfully converted to vaping altogether. Hurray for them, and hurray for you if you decide to make the change. If you’re still not convinced, here are some facts for you!

Tobacco ‘Analogue’ Cigarettes Vs. Electronic Vaping

Tobacco Cigarettes Electronic Vaping
Made with over 200 toxins 5 ingredients
Bad smell No lingering bad smells
Causes 100,000 deaths per year No associated deaths
Costly Cheaper than cigarettes
Dangerous passive smoke Produces harmless vapour
Difficult to vary nicotine levels Different nicotine levels
Requires burning Electronically powered
Produces smoke and tar No smoke or tar
One flavour Endless range of flavours
Average cost: £700 per year Average cost: £400 per year

Up in Smoke

Vaping liquids offer varying levels of nicotine that means they can provide a satisfying experience even for heavy tobacco smokers, or, thanks to a wide range of 0mg formulas, can still offer the perfect flavour hit for those who have weaned themselves off nicotine completely.

Vaping is a great alternative to tobacco use, with many vapers happy to gain more for less: more flavour and more choice for less money and less health risks!

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