What is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

Thursday, 21 April 2016  |  Admin

Hey, we hear you’re a vaper - what’s your preferred PG ratio? Do you use Propylene Glycol? Do you think its viscosity is too thin? What? You don’t even know what Propylene Glycol is? Well why didn’t you say so!

PG = Propylene Glycol

This vape juice base may be a quite a mouthful but it’s what let’s your e-juices give such a throat-full of smoke! Though Vegetable Glycerine or VG has just about taken the lead when it comes to e-juice content – you’ll have a much easier time finding 100% VG than you will 100% PG – the majority of e-juices still use PG in varying amounts. So what is it?

  • Organic compound
  • Thin base substance which ‘carries’ nicotine and flavourings
  • Colourless
  • Odourless
  • Tasteless
  • Safe for human digestion
  • Commonly used in food as a preservative, in medicines and in cosmetics

Pretty Good Vaping

Because PG is totally without odour and almost without its own flavour, it’s an ideal base for the massive range of flavouring brands like to add to their juices. Just like VG though, there are plenty pros and cons to weigh up when it comes to deciding how much PG you want in your personal blend:


  • Excellent flavour carry
  • Best choice for savoury flavours like tobacco or sour lemon
  • Unbeatable throat-hit
  • Great nicotine absorption
  • Quick wick absorption
  • Thinner viscosity, easier on devices
  • Very little vapour, good for stealth vaping


  • Can cause irritation to throat and/or mouth
  • Dehydrating
  • Increases chances of dreaded ‘Vaper’s Tongue’
  • Weak vapour – sorry, cloud chasers
  • 100% PG mixes are particularly illusive
  • 90%+ PG considered too harsh for  most vapers

Vaping Nation Irritation

Unfortunately for fans of flavour, the 100% PG mix that guarantees almost intact flavour delivery would also considered too harsh by most people. Vapers suffering from asthma, a confirmed allergy to PG in any of its other forms (medicines or food) or who tend to be sensitive to such things are better off sticking to lower levels of PG.

If you enjoy mouth-watering vaping flavours then you ought to know that PG can be very dehydrating, leading to increased risk of sore throats and the unpopular  ‘Vaper’s Tongue’ where taste buds struggle to pick up on vaping flavour. For many people the discomfort of having a dry mouth rules out 100% PG as a vaping option, but don’t worry, 80% PG/20%VG mixes are a popular high PG option.

Whether PG your thing or you’re more for VG, our online store has everything you need!