What is Popcorn Lung?

Monday, 25 April 2016  |  Admin

Popcorn lung is about as gross as it sounds, really.

We assume you’ve heard the rumours that your vape juices can cause this unpleasant condition and that you’ve found your way to Vape Mountain in a quest for the truth, so let us fill you in.

Also known as Bronchiolitis Obliterans, Obliterative Bronchiolitis or Constrictive Bronchiolitis (let’s stick to ‘popcorn lung’, shall we?) this condition causes the bronchioles, or small airways inside your lungs, to become narrowed, misshaped and generally damaged beyond repair.

Perilous Popcorn

As visual a name as it is, your lungs aren’t going to start popping like corn kernels in your chest if you were to be struck down by a case of Popcorn Lung. The name refers to a famous case that bought one of the condition's causes to national attention, a flavouring called Diacetyl. After a factory producing microwave popcorn had eight workers confirmed to be suffering from lung damage due to working with this chemical every day, it colloquially became known as Popcorn Lung.

Diacetyl is also found in various types of vaping fluid. Now, before you throw your vape pen aside in shock and horror, you should remember that Diacetyl is a flavouring, as in, for food. So you’ve probably digested it before and it (probably) didn’t kill you. You should also remember that as with pretty much every study undertaken for vaping so far, there’s no hard evidence to back up these claims.

Vape No More?

Like we said, so far these are all just claims, and as many opposing studies have also tried to dispel the idea that your vaping habit is going to kill your lungs faster and more thoroughly than cigarettes ever did. If you are worried then there are brands that blend their e-juices without any Diacetyl at all, and even 100% organic VG mixes for the truly discerning vaper.

There is no evidence to irrevocably prove that vaping will cause popcorn lung, in the same way that there is no evidence to prove any of the long-term health consequences of the habit.  Not vaping or smoking will always be healthier than doing either, if you’re one of the millions of users who believe vaping can help you make a lifestyle change away from tobacco, then don’t let a unverified claim put you off taking the first steps to a  healthier lifestyle!

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