What is PG?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016  |  Admin

What is PG? It’s a question you ask yourself, or someone else asks you, once you declare yourself to be a vaper or a cloud chaser. If you’ve got this far without knowing the answer, you’ve most likely been blowing hot air, not vaping.

But we’ve got your back here at Vape Mountain. Carry on reading and you will soon have all the answers you need!

What is it?

PG is one of the five components that makes up an e-juice, the others being water, nicotine, flavouring and VG (that’s another story; take a look over here). An odourless, colourless liquid, PG is a petroleum by-product formally known as Propylene Glycol and is formed from an organic glycerol made from propylene oxide.

Propylene Glycol

Sound a bit scary? Don’t worry. PG is considered to be safe for human consumption (determined by the FDA and those guys know what they are talking about) and is already used as a food additive and found in many household products including beauty items and baby wipes. Vaping isn’t even the first time it has been inhaled; PG has also been used in asthma inhalers.

How is it used?

PG is normally blended with VG. This is because they have different consistencies – PG is thin whereas VG is much thicker – and different flavours. PG carries the flavour of an e-liquid more effectively, having no taste of its own, compared to VG.

PG provides a higher throat hit as well – echoing the sensation achieved when smoking an ordinary tobacco cigarette – although this can have the negative effect of drying out your mouth and throat.

Is it right for me?

Only you know the answer to that, I can’t tell you. But I can say that if you are an ex-smoker or even just enjoy a sharp throat hit, then having a higher PG level may be for you. However, high VG levels are easier to find than maximum PG, so don't think you have to pick a side - a harmonious blend of the two may be just right.

A higher PG level even in a blend also helps with vaping discreetly; less vapour is produced and the clouds are much thinner than a VG high blend. Please use common sense as to where is appropriate to vape, however discreet you can be!

If you wish to focus on your flavours, again, a high PG level is recommended. But it all comes down to personal preference; you know what you like and by mixing your levels, you will discover which blend has the right feel for you.

Mountains and Mole Hills

So there you are. You now know what PG is and can have a quick answer ready for the next person who asks. Just remember: if you considered yourself to be a cloud chaser and want to show off, it’s VG you need, not PG.

Still got questions? Want to know more? Have a look around Vape Mountain and all your questions will be answered!