What is in Vapour Cigarettes?

Monday, 18 April 2016  |  Admin

Beer, cake, bread, pie, burgers...Sorry, we’re just listing some of the things that have more ingredients than your vaporiser liquids and e-cigarettes... Crisps, sweets, that sandwich you bought from the supermarket this morning. We could go on for days, really, because your e-cigarette cartridges and e-juices have precisely 5 ingredients in them, yes, five, and sometimes even less than that!

So if you’re worried that a glance at an e-liquid’s production line will be of vat upon vat of dangerous chemicals and mysterious substances, you can think again, Vape Mountain stocks only the highest quality of vaping fluids and e-cigarettes, all made from the small but perfectly formed list of ingredients we’re about to share.

1. Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

One of two possible bases for your e-liquids, vegetable glycerine is, as the name suggests, derived from vegetables, making it 100% natural. Commonly found in food, pharmaceuticals and toothpaste, VG is completely safe for human consumption and has a naturally sweet taste that makes it a great choice for sweet-toothed fans of waffle or caramel flavoured e-liquids.

VG is also the way forward for avid cloud chasers, as this base generates a large amount of lovely fluffy vapour for you to play with. Smooth on the inhale, VG has a thicker viscosity than PG allowing for the vapour to have a ‘fuller’ feel, however this same thickness may cause some vaping devices to clog if used with liquids with particularly high VG levels, so keeping on top of vape-pen maintenance is key.

2. Propylene Glycol (PG)

The second possible base for your e-juices is propylene glycol, a compound which can also be found in food, medication, shampoo and asthma inhalers. Unlike VG, PG has no individual flavour, making it the base of choice for those who enjoy stronger, savoury tastes which are less effectively carried by the naturally sweet VG. PG also gives an excellent ‘throat hit’ which smokers of regular cigarettes are sure to appreciate. Some allergic reactions have been reported where PG has caused irritation to the throat or nostrils, though this is easily remedied by switching to VG.

Cloud chasers may be left disappointed with PG as it is much thinner than VG, and this extends to its vapour, for those public vapers who do not wish to give off enough smoke to announce a pope, though, this might be a definite plus.

All About That Base

If VG and PG has left you confused, no worries, many brands will use a blend of the two for perfectly balanced flavour and vapour. Blended bases are also the best choice for flavour effectiveness as they can enjoy the benefits of PG flavour carry with the ‘fullness’ granted by VG vapour. See? Our top notch brands know how to do stuff properly!

3. Nicotine

If you’re choosing an e-liquid that includes nicotine then that’s the next ingredient. Nicotine is usually added in the following measurements:

  • 3mg: A very light option, ideal for cloud chasers and social vaping.
  • 6mg: Comparable to nicotine gum or light smoking.
  • 12mg: Very strong, usually used by heavy smokers looking to make the transition before stepping down in their nicotine intake.

Not forgetting that many liquids are available with 0% nicotine, perfect for those looking to get off nicotine altogether.

4. Water

Well, we hope you know what that is.


The most exciting part! The flavours used in your e-cigarettes are food grade, meaning if they weren’t in your vaporiser they’d be in your dinner tonight, with some brands adding little extra touches like barrel-aging to give that extra kick.  Flavours, as you will soon discover, can be of just about anything: if you can taste it, you can vape it. Most common are fruit flavours, sweet dessert type flavours and deeper, savoury flavours such as coffee or bourbon.

Have we whet your appetite for some vaping action? Visit our online shop and find your perfect flavour blend just waiting for you to try!