What is a Vaper?

Monday, 18 April 2016  |  Admin

Vapers are a species known to roam the earth from sea to mountain in search of clouds. Commonly found in groups of like-minded individuals, we estimate that vapers are as much as 50% cooler than their tobacco-smoking counterparts. Let’s take a look at the habits of this most exhale-nt of animals...

Vivid Vapers

Vapers will make themselves known by emitting clouds of flavourful vapour from a loyal vaping device, and may even have the skill to manipulate the clouds themselves, such as the special breed of vaper known as 'Cloud Chasers'. Many vapers will have surpassed ‘analogue cigarettes’ and joined the ranks of electronic smoking to escape tobacco.

Vapers require the following items to thrive:

  • Vaporisers, shisha-sticks, vape-pens or e-cigarettes
  • E-liquids, vaping fluids or e-juices
  • An endless range of flavour possibilities

Cloud Chasers

Just one way in which vaping may be considered superior to tobacco cigarettes is the ‘clouds’ it creates – huge plumes of vapour that are ideal for making smoke rings, so ideal in fact that ‘cloud chasers’ are enthusiasts who have created a whole new style of traditional smoking tricks. Just because you’re not in favour of tobacco, or trying to wean yourself off nicotine doesn’t mean you can’t still nail the perfect French Inhale, or send a cascade of rings bursting through one another, just ask a Cloud Chaser for a demonstration!

The Vaper: A Profile

E-cigarette or vaporiser users are commonly smokers who no longer wish to smoke tobacco cigarettes, and see vaping as a healthier, or tastier, alternative. Vaping has been enthusiastically adopted by all sorts of users, from the young and trendy to the life-long smokers who have been converted. Even celebs are by no mean immune to the appeal of vaping, but everyone is immune to the danger that vapour poses – because it’s entirely harmless! 

So just what is it that draws the common smoker into the realm of the vaper?

  • Vaping is 100% tar, tobacco and smoke free
  • Vaping is the world's most popular smoking alternative
  • Safe to smoke indoors and around others
  • A mere 5 ingredients vs. cigarettes 200+ toxins
  • Minimal carbon monoxide production
  • Far healthier than tobacco cigarettes
  • A huge range of flavours

Vaping Fuel

What runs the vaporiser is what runs the vaper. Available as cartridge replacements for e-cigarettes or liquid refills for vaporisers, atomisers and vaping tanks, a massive range of flavours means there  is one to suit every type of vaper. Flavours can even be mixed for that truly personal blend and come in a range of nicotine levels, including 'high' for the regular tobacco smoker and zero for those successfully leaving nicotine behind.

Are You A Vaper?

Take our quiz and find out.

Do you use a vaporiser or e-cigarette?

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  2. No
  • Mostly As: You’re a vaper!
  • Mostly Bs: You’re not a vaper.

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