What is a Vape?

Monday, 18 April 2016  |  Admin

A vape, you ask? Gather round and Vape Mountain shall reveal all. A vape, or vaporiser, is a magical device that unlocks a world where clouds taste of anything you like!  An e-cigarette, shisha stick, vaporiser, vapestick, e-pen or a plain old vape, there are hundreds of names, and just as many options, when it comes to picking a vaping device, all of them able to whisk you away on clouds of delicious flavour... but what do they actually do?

Have a Vape

Vape devices are generally made of the same basic parts:

  • The Battery: Grants life to your vaporiser, but be warned, selecting cheap chargers for your loyal battery (or keeping it in a pocket to mingle with coins or against your phone) might lead to it blowing up, catching fire or just not working.
  • The Atomiser: Usually part of the clear liquid tank, holds and heats your e-liquid of choice, generating the all-important vapour.
  • Inhaler: Self-explanatory, really.

As vaping becomes more popular, you might notice funky new add-ons becoming available, including components that alter airflow, voltage and vapour volume. The basic mechanics remain the same though: insert liquid, heat liquid, puff away!

So What’s An E-Cigarette?

Vaporisers and e-cigarettes both use the same technology, the difference is generally in their appearance, with e-cigarettes being based on their real-life counterparts and more associated with a desire to stop smoking tobacco than vaporisers, which are just a tastier alternative. As e-cigarettes are about weaning users off tobacco, their limited amount of flavours places emphasis on traditional cigarette tastes like tobacco and menthol. E-cigarettes also contain their fluids in cartridges than can be easily removed, disposed of and replaced, while vaporisers allow users to reload with any fluid flavour of choice.

Vape Social

Also unlike e-cigarettes, vaporisers are considered to be a recreational tool, not necessarily smoked as often as, or instead of, traditional cigarettes. Because many e-juices also come with zero nicotine, vaporisers are also considered much safer than cigarettes, making them a popular choice as a tobacco alternative.

Vape Anywhere

Unlike their tobacco-based cousins, vaping and e-cigs are totally tobacco, smoke and tar free, making them healthier for you and also producing a harmless vapour for those around you, so vaping inside is perfectly safe. A wide range of flavours also means that whatever your harmless vapour smells of, it’s sure to be better than the stink of cigarette smoke!

Ready, Set, Vape!

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