What Is a Vape Shop?

Monday, 18 April 2016  |  Admin

Once you’ve read up on what vaping is, what it involves and how safe it is, you may feel ready to start browsing and exploring the electronic cigarette products available on the market. But where do you begin?

As vaping has increased in exposure over the past few years, naturally so has the market and the variety of what’s out there. Vape stores are beginning to pop up more frequently in cities and towns around the world. And, whilst a “vape shop” is not as much of a high-street staple than, say, a shoe shop, who knows what the future will bring as the publicity and popularity of vaping continues to develop.

As with most product markets, vape shopping can be done both on and offline. Read on to learn more about electronic cigarette retail outlets and be one step closer to becoming a vaping connoisseur!

Offline Vape Shopping

When considering a vape shop, an image of a dark, stuffy tobacconists may spring to mind. In fact, vape stores often don’t resemble this at all – think more along the lines of an ice cream parlour boasting a variety of flavours, or perhaps a cool skate shop or independent clothing label store. Some even look like bars and have lounges where customers can vape, socialise and cloud-chase together!

In London alone there are now over a hundred shops specialising in the selling of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and other vaping accessories. One benefit of visiting a physical vape shop is that customers may have the opportunity to try out some of the e-juice flavours in store before they buy. 

Online Vape Shopping

Despite this, e-cigarette products are mainly available online and there is generally a larger choice in this realm. Because of this, and the fact that you can browse from the comfort of your own home, online vape shopping is often preferable to shopping in store.

Here at Vape Mountain’s online shop we offer everything you need to get started with vaping, from starter kits, to personal vapourisers and e-cigs, to batteries and accessories and, of course, a wide array of e-liquids. 

Teamed up with numerous brands, we like to treat our customers to a large choice of flavours. Some of our favourites include the childhood treat-inspired selection from Ice Cream Man, including Caramel Waffle Crunch - perfect for an after dinner vape or for when you fancy a sweet treat.

We also love the bold e-juices from Bumble Bee Vapor, who've perfected zingy flavours like Grapocalypse grape soda and Sex on the Peach!

If you’re after something a little more grown-up, the Five Pawns range might be better suited, with flavours like spiced rum with white peach notes and charred oak Kentucky bourbon. We also offer classic tobacco, menthol and fruit flavours if you’re just looking to get your fix without the fuss!

So, keen shoppers, enter the world of vaping and start your browsing at our vape shop today!