Vaping Glossary

Tuesday, 3 May 2016  |  Admin

ANALOGUE – A traditional, as opposed to electronic, cigarette. Burns tobacco and produces smoke rather than heating liquid to produce vapour.

ATOMISER – A key part of your vaping device. This is the component that turns the liquid into vapour when connected to the battery.

CARTOMISER – An alternative to an atomiser. Similar in design but features polyfill wrapped around the heating coil which soaks up the e-liquid and allows for longer vaping time. 

CARTRIDGE – A refill for a cigalike e-cigarette that is self-contained (as opposed to e-liquid).

CIGALIKE – Also known as an e-cig, e-cigarette. This is a type of vaping device which resembles a traditional cigarette in size and shape. Cigalikes are usually the cheapest and most accessible vaping device, although are more limiting in terms of battery life, flavour and cloud size. 

CLEAROMISER – An alternative to atomiser or cartomiser. Features a clear plastic or glass tank which allows the user to see how much liquid is left. This reduces the risk of experiencing an unpleasant burnt taste which results from vaping without e-liquid.

CLOUD CHASING – An activity in which vapers modify their devices and compete to produce the most impressive vapour plumes. Cloud chasing has developed from a hobby into what some consider a sport; there are even annual competitions, for instance the International Cloud Championships in California.

COIL – A part of your vaping device found within the atomiser. The coil is in contact with the e-liquid and is heated by the atomiser, allowing the liquid to vaporise.

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E-LIQUID – Also known as e-juice, vaping liquid. This is usually made from vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine, distilled water and flavouring. It is filled into your vaping device, either via a cartridge or manually, and is transformed into vapour when heated. There are numerous different flavour options available. 

FORMALDEHYDE – A naturally occurring carcinogen located in traditional cigarette smoke. There was a report that vaping exposes users to formaldehyde, a claim that has since been debunked on the grounds that users would not achieve the necessary voltage to reach these levels and therefore could not be exposed.

MOD – A modified vaping device. Generally chunkier than other vapourisers, mods are designed to produce more vapour, deeper flavour and an overall more intense vaping experience. Intended for more experienced vapours due to the improved functionality and customisability.

NICOTINE – An addictive stimulant found in plants. You can choose to vape e-liquids with varying amount of nicotine, including liquid which has no nicotine whatsoever. You may choose to start with a higher nicotine concentration and wean yourself down to zero as your dependency decreases. 

PEN – A type of vaping device. Often one of the most popular choices – has more flavour options, longer battery life and can produce bigger clouds than a cigalike, but is more portable and less advanced than a mod. 

PG – Propylene glycol, an organic compound. PG is a petroleum by-product and one of the two base ingredients that can be located in e-liquid. Carries flavour effectively. 

STEEPING – The process of leaving e-liquids alone before vaping them in order to let the flavours develop and enhance further. Steeping should occur in a cool, dark place and usually takes a couple of weeks. 

SUB-OHM VAPING - A popular but controversial trend within the world of vaping. It describes the process of tampering with your electronic cigarette, pushing the limit of the battery and altering its resistance level to enable bigger vapour clouds. Can be dangerous as may cause your device to overheat, so sub-ohm vaping should only be undertaken by careful, experienced vapers.

TANK – Holds and delivers the e-liquid. Located within the atomiser, cartomiser or clearomiser. Tanks are often refilled manually and should be regularly cleaned to prevent build up.  

THROAT HIT – The feeling in your throat when you inhale vapour. Some prefer a throat hit which resembles that of an analogue cigarette, whilst others prefer a smoother hit. 

VAPER'S TONGUE – A non-serious, temporary side effect of vaping in which the user experiences a dry mouth and impaired taste. Can be prevented by drinking water as you vape and by switching up flavours.

VAPING – The act of inhaling and exhaling vapour through your personal vaporising device. 

VAPORISER – An electronic cigarette device used to simulate the experience of smoking, without the user actually inhaling any burning tobacco smoke. 

VAPOUR – A gaseous substance which is produced when e-liquid is heated. It is inhaled by the user and exhaled as vapour clouds. 

VG – Vegetable glycerine. A natural chemical derived from plant oil and one of the two base ingredients located in e-liquid. Smooth and thick consistency. 

WICK – Found within the atomiser. The soft wick absorbs the e-liquid to control how much juice reaches the coil. This regulates how much vapour is produced, a process called “dripping”.